Artwork Monday: Flotsam & Jetsam


These are the five illustrations I painted for my aquarelle/ watercolour class in uni last semester. We all had to choose a theme, mainly about things in nature (no portraits allowed), and I chose things I had collected through the years and that are intrinsically tied to memories, keepsakes of journeys most of the time. While our professor would have probably liked me better if I produced more abstract pictures, I’m rather content with the outcome (I’ve got some horrible sort of perfectionist streak, so that’s extra points for being happy with my work). All of these pictures are 15 x15cm of size, drawn with pencil and finished with watercolour on 200 g/m² grained paper.


This one is a pine cone’s scale I found at the beach in Tuscany during my graduation trip to Italy. It had rested in a small tin box together with stones from the isle of Elba, sea-washed pieces of driftwood, sandy bits of botany and other small souvenirs, patiently waiting for its moment to be of use.

The broken adder stone is a souvenir from Denmark, together with a yardlength of rope filled with intact adder stones. I remember searching the strand for hours for these, once finding a dead young mereswine instead.


This knotted nest of red leather string is something that has no reason for being kept, at least not consciously. Maybe it just wanted to be painted, so I did. I love the colour, though.


The crab claw is one of many I brought back from a journey to Scotland. While we actually stayed in the midlands – hat have fond memories of their own, mainly of the honey scent of the pines and the heather combined – I loved the trips to the coast where I spent my time crawling over grey rocks and pointy stones, my hair still dripping with ice-cold water, to find those remains of small crustaceans.


This little twig with its three acorns is a piece of the Shire, the place where my mother lives. Right behind her garden’s little wicket, where the rolling hills and golden fields lie, with the small wild plum groves, the vast blackberry thickets, there stands a small – by means of its species really small – oak I’ve spent many hours at, in the shade of its leaves, climbing over and upon its branches, playing make-believe, daydreaming. This is a piece of a place that in turn makes up a piece of who I am, it’s deep down in my bones, and it will never go away.


2 thoughts on “Artwork Monday: Flotsam & Jetsam

  1. Wunderschön, ich mag die Pinienschuppen und das rote Lederband am liebsten. Da kriegt man gleich Lust, die Wasserfarben auszupacken und es einfach mal wieder zu versuchen..

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