Things I Wear: In My Mother’s Shoes

Sartorial Saturday became Things I Wear (For now. I just felt like a new name for the category).





– skirt: thrifted
– longsleeve: H&M
– tights: Falke
– shoes: Theresia (and borrowed from my mother)
– earrings: six
– necklace: selfmade
– sunglasses: six

Credit for the pictures goes to Jules. The aforementioned shoes are wonderful things from the early 90s made of suede with small elastics to fit better. My mother bought them for her work at a marionette theatre back then and wears them for special occasions now and then. When I met up with Jules yesterday, being in the Shire at the moment, I needed something on my feet that wasn’t duckfeet or worn-out fabric sneakers. Usually, my mother’s shoes are a hint too large for me, but these fitted perfectly well.


Any thoughts?

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