10 Things I love in May


  1. The Black Donnellys (the short-lived tv series from 2007, not the notorious family involved in a vendetta in Canada). If it wasn’t (mainly) for Johnny Ice-Cream’s great narration (and also the good looks of second-oldest Donnelly brother and martyr Tommy), this would be just another show about violence, blood and guns, but they know how to make you laugh anyway, they know when to put in comic relief without making it a comedy, and that made the watching worth the while.
  2. All Night, a new webcomic I’ve started reading. I can’t say much about the story yet, but what the author tells us in the about section sounds great, and I also adore her style.
  3. Singing Lessons. I got them from my father for Christmas and finally had the guts to call the teacher. It’s not that I’m a bad singer, I just wanted to know how much better I could be if I got a little more technique. Also, it’s a great gift with a use that doesn’t clutter up my place. Also, I’m in a choir again, together with Jules. We’re doing Billy Joel’s For The Longest Time at the moment, it’s just lovely.
  4. Washi Tape. Jup, I’m on the bandwagon, too. There’s a cute little shop selling them here in Marburg, and they also have some at my craft supply dealer’s, so it wasn’t really avoidable.
  5. All of the Lolitas, a lovely picture by secondlina (artist of one of my favourite webcomics, Namesake). I haven’t written about Lolita in quite some time, but her drawing made me want to sew about half of the designs she made for myself. My favourites are Country, Sailor, Classic and Gothic.
  6. The Scent of a freshly mown lawn.
  7. Cherry Blossoms. When I stroll trough my quarter mostly on the way back from music lessons or sports I walk over sidewalks completely overshadowed by cherry trees in bloom. Together with the magnolias (which I love even more, but they’re done blooming already) and the lilac between the old houses this always makes me imagine I’m in the deep south, almost expecting a large barbecue with girls in fluffy dresses and guys in confederate uniforms in every large garden I pass, or at least a 20s scene that could be taken straight out of The Princess and the Frog.
  8. All Those Awards. I’ve gotten quite a few recently, from Fräulein Jabberwocky, Lilibeth aka. Lilja of Werkelwut and from Ayra Leona of Ruffles and Steam (I hope I didn’t forget someone). Thanks a lot! Albeit I won’t pass the awards on to others – not out of spite, but of mere laziness and the fact that most bloggers I read already had them – I appreciate it. It’s so nice to be thought of, you’re lovely.
  9. Prada’s Candy Short Film. For an advertisement this is really charming.
  10. Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I already loved the first three parts, and now I finally have time (okay, officially not so much, but who cares! Wheeee, gaming! Wheeee, what are dishes anyway? Wheeee, which uni?) and nerves to indulge in part four!

Any thoughts?

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