Steamed Cakes in Green and Yellow


Yesterday I finally tried this recipe after having it linger in my bookmarks for several months. I have no oven at the new place (yet), so I’ll have to do my sweet-makery another way. Instead of putting the batter into the microwave I actually steamed it.

Things I noticed:

– I should really have left out the oil, like it says in the recipe, but hasty as I am I had put it in before reading the complete thing (it doesn’t ruin them, it just wasn’t necessary).
– I had no glass moulds, and paper muffin/ cupcake cases definitely don’t do the job. They actually flap over and the batter runs down into the boiling water. Oh well. Later, I used silicone moulds which fitted into the steaming basket perfectly, supporting each other (that’s the square cakes, by the way). They are also easier to put into the basket when filled. The small round ones were made in egg cups. I just wanted to see if that works and ended up liking the shape a lot.
– I’m also not perfectly satisfied with the matcha butter cream. Maybe I did something wrong, but maybe I’ll just use a modified tested recipe next time. Also, making butter cream only with your hands and a spoon is a hell lot of work. I need a mixer. Soon.

All in all I think I learned a lot about steamed sweets (there’s much more to learn, though) and the cakes are nice enough and taste well.
I’ll keep you up with my further experiments in this field for sure.


Any thoughts?

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