Goutweed Pancakes

Lately I’ve been working in the garden again, and I’ve also been thinking about useful things to do with unwanted weeds. The thing we have most (except of that horrible conifer I’m not supposed to get rid of) is goutweed, and fortunately, goutweed is edible.

Basically, the pancakes are these, but with syrup instead of sugar (I use elder and herbal at the moment, mostly to deplete my stock, so sugar is fine, too, of course). Along the way you’ll have to fit in these steps:

  • Collect goutweed (no kidding?), about three handsful of leaves for each person.  Pick the leaves off the stems, and wash them.
  • Boil water, put the leaves in. Leave them for 2 – 5 minutes (it’s not a big tragedy if they stay in a little bit longer. Goutweed is hard to chew when fresh. 100% goutweed salad’s not an option, believe me. I tried.), strain and let cool.
  • While the goutweed cools off, cut a small onion (for two persons a large one would suffice) and a clove of garlic.
  • Cut the goutweed. I basically take the whole bunch and cut in small stripes. Just imagine that it has to fit into the pancake batter.
  • Mix goutweed, onions and garlic, put them into the pancake batter and stirr. Then proceed as usual.

The pancakes might not get as circular or flat as usual, but they taste well anyway. I eat mine with cream cheese.


Any thoughts?

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