Editing the List



Thank you for your honest opinions on my 101 Things in 1001 Days problem. I found a solution in replacing all the things that were obsolete (actually more than I thought before, about 50% even!) and adding days proportional to the percentage of new tasks. This might be not exactly what the inventor of the list had in mind, but it works for me.

Here’s the link to my improved list, and I feel much better about it now.


4 thoughts on “Editing the List

  1. Love your new list! It seems like it would be more manageable too!

    I noticed you listed getting a futon and tatami. :D That’s one of my wishes for now. I currently just have a regular mattress on my bedroom floor; eh, it’s good enough for now. XD


    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, I think my new tasks are a bit more useful (and manageable), too. The futon’s supposed to go on the new bed (platform, thingy) I built for the new place, I’ll surely write about it when I get one.

    1. Dankeschön. :)
      Ja, ich glaube, die Ziele sind jetzt besser erreichbar (und nicht mehr ganz so nutzlos). Ich freu’ mich schon drauf, das erste von den neuen abhaken zu können.

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