Role Play Convention Haul (and Food)

Last weekend I went to the RPC – the Role Play Convention, an annual fair in Cologne for P&P, LARP, tabletop, video and a lot of other games, comics, fantastic literature and artful cosplay.

I didn’t take too many pictures – my camera isn’t quite so good, and the hall is dark and full of people who bump into you if you do so much as stand for a few seconds -, but I managed to snap a few.


Like the years before there was the camp of the F.A.T.E. crew – dystopic fiction LARP, and sadly I couldn’t manage to take a picture (I found one from last year in my files, though). They always have the best costumes of the whole convention – sorry, awesome, elaborate Steampunks, you’re neat, but this is just the cat’s pyjamas. Completely and totally and probably for ever. Every time I see these guys I want to go on an end time LARP, even if I’d live through only the first two hours.
When the legion of dirty, scuffed, rugged characters in blue, white and undefinable shades of grey, khaki and brown passes by I stare at them, wishing to be one of them. Every. F*ing. Time. Plus, they have cars with turrets. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that.


Of course there were dice involved, and I pride myself on the fact that I only bought one this year – more on that later. I think next year I’m getting some of the rounded colourful ones (they look a bit like they could have fallen right out of an issue of Tank Girl).

I really like the design of this stall – it’s the Jekyll & Hyde Absinth Kontor

As mentioned in the headline of this post, there also was food. When I go on conventions, renaissance fairs or LARP, the one thing I seem to spend most money on is food. Even though I tried to bring some lunch at least for Saturday this year. I failed horribly. Maybe next time.


While the champignon and sauce hollandaise-filled pide and the crêpe with sugar and cinnamon I had on the fair were delicious, the main course on Saturday was the dinner we had at the Steampunk soirée in the evening. The soirée is an event that had its third, I think, anniversary this year and is held by the burlesque fairy Isabelle, assembling Steampunks from all over Germany during the RPC. It was held at the same place as last year that sadly changed hands and didn’t serve Creole cuisine anymore, a severe flaw in this year’s gathering (but yes, the pasta with gambas was nice, too, just not as special. And actually, I liked the pide better, but I have a really weak spot for mushrooms.).

cute detail at the tarte flambée vendor’s stall



I had already seen the vendor on Saturday and so on Sunday I simply had to get tarte flambée. Sometimes not having an oven is a burden that really gnaws on my nerves because I love tarte flambée. I had a classic one while FoWo, who gave me a place to set up my air bed and sleeping bag (which is awfully nice of her, thanks again!), had one with apple slices, sugar and cinnamon. Sadly my Sunday visit on the fair was rather short (but worth it, I would advise everyone to go both days when visiting the RPC), but I had only planned on shopping anyway.

Ah, yes. The haul.

IMG_1217 (2)

At the soirée I got a brand new steampunk novel, Aetherherz by Anja Bagus, even with the author’s autograph! It’s self-published and a real page-turner (I got to the last page Monday morning), and I’m really happy that it found an actual publishing house on the convention for the next edition and the (hopefully soon-to-come) sequel.


I got the necklace at Khaos Kouture by Miaka whom I already knew from the Natron & Soda boards. She started making these glittery stardust galaxy pendants last year and I simply knew I had to get one on the RPC. Mine has a little speck, just like the texture of water-colour – aquarelle and stars, two things I love!, which makes it just perfect for me.

I really, really, really don’t like board games. I’m a terribly sore loser, and the only parlour game where this is encouraged is Munchkin (which is also the only parlour game I like). Nevertheless, I bought a board game this year, as a future birthday gift for a certain someone (who likes board games). It’s Victorian Brawler by GentleZen Studios, a rather young two-person company, and I just love the design. It comes in a reinforced paper envelope with a stampedlogo and two adorable top-hat wearing wooden pieces. There are three editions by now, first edition (with grey and nature coloured pieces), “normal” edition (which I got, with one white and one grey piece) and the special Pink Edition in which the pieces (one pink, one nature-coloured) wear bowler hats instead of top hats.


The card suit die is the only one I bought this year, and I’m really proud of that. I’m not even sure which company made it, but the stall had really, really great designs – among others they sold Q-workshop. Alas, during the last years I’ve collected enough dice to be happy with – two bags are enough. I already engraved the die with the date, I think I’ll make that my new tradition instead of hoarding more dice every year.

My most important and dearest purchase this year were two hand-crafted mugs I bought at a potter’s stall. I must admit I was looking forward to this, even though I thought my next chance would be at our local renaissance fair in August. During the move my favourite tea cup broke, and I needed some new ones. I only had two decent mugs, and that’s rather little.

IMG_1211 (3)

I had a hard time to choose two designs, they all were so pretty. Hand-crafted pottery items are my favourite, especially when it comes to cups and mugs.


IMG_1214 (3)

The black one has a really interesting glaze with small bits of gold in it, and it has three little legs, just like my old favourite.



The blue one is quite similar in colour to my old favourite (if just of a little lighter shade of blue) – maybe that’s why I chose them. I like the detail with the two handles, and it’s really huge, just the right size for an afternoon on my window sill.

Now that was a nice amount of name-dropping and linking.

The 2013 RPC was a great event as always, even though I missed some of the vendors I bought stuff at last year, especially when I wanted to look for a new LARP staff. Oh well. If any of you think about attending next year, tell me! It’s always a bit gathering of all kinds of folk I know and like, and I love adding people to that list.


2 thoughts on “Role Play Convention Haul (and Food)

    1. Das ist gut möglich. Ich hatte sogar ein grünes Bändchen an der Tasche, aber ich befürchte, es hat sich die meiste Zeit unter die Klappe verkrochen…
      Dann müssen wir wohl nächstes Jahr wieder ein CT machen. :)

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