10 Things I love in June



  1. Working with Acrylics. I recently painted an icon for a friend (see the WIP here) and remembered how fun it can be. Water colour will probably always be my one true love, but mixed media is really great to work with, too.
  2. Grocery Shopping. I think shopping for groceries is my favourite kind of shopping. It’s useful, and I love to look at package design (something I’d love to work in some day). Also, fresh fruit and vegetables are always pretty, and the folks at my local supermarket – one of the reasons why I love grocery shopping so much might stem from the fact that I live less than five minutes from the next market – and all the smaller shops are really friendly. Plus, contrary to most other kinds of shopping, getting groceries is useful.
  3. Abandoned Houses. Sure, they are a bit frightening, but that’s all part of the charm. Especially ones that still have most of their furniture and decor like this one would be wonderful to explore. In my early teens my father took me to an abandoned hotel in the village in Italy where we went regularly, and sadly I missed out on the opportunity to explore the old abandoned brewery here in town before they demolished it and made it into a parking lot (they could have made it into a campus building, we’re always short on space anyway. Brewery and students would have been a perfect match).
  4. The 2011 Muppets Film. I watched it for the first time lately with Scoundrel and Weirdboy on a musical movie night, and I just couldn’t stop squealing. They had me at Life’s a Happy Song, I loved Pictures in my Head, nearly cried at Rainbow Connection and I think they totally deserved the Academy Award for Man or Muppet. Still, I guess my favourite was the barber shop version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Also, while some of the celebrity cameos were’nt exactly necessary, most of them were really, really neat.
  5. Planning for the Conquest of Mythodea. CoM is one of the biggest LARPs worldwide, and this year is the 10th, which means the end of the decade-spanning story arc. Due to several circumstances in my group I’m going to play a different character than last year, but I’m really looking forward to the new costume, new weaponry and new challenges in role playing. I’m going to document the progress of building a new character – even a new character class, as the special sort I’m going to play hasn’t been played with our background yet – and hope to show you the results in August.
  6. Balancing. There’s a campus building not from my place that has a rather low rail around the street-facing part of its lawn. I pass this rail several times a day, and when I have the time (read: when I’m not late for uni again) I walk on the rail instead of the pavement. I dare not balance on it though when it’s damp or raining because of my ankle injury a few months ago – the joint isn’t perfectly well again yet and I fear I might damage it more when I’m a little shaky and the iron of the fencing is wet. The iron band is just a bit below the width of a regular slackline (I still want to try that one day) and low enough not to be dangerous in the slightest, and nothing can make a Sunday morning better than balancing on the way home from the baker.
  7. Living in an old House during the Summer. I love living in an old house in general, but during the hot months of the year it’s especially pleasant. With high ceilings and thick brick walls there is no place I’d rather be than in old buildings, except at the river (sans mosquitos) or in the water. Gladly, I only have to endure about three hours per week in a modern building.
  8. Lasertag. We went last week, for the first time. Great fun. It’s a bit too expensive to go there every month, but now and then will be fine, and we all agreed that it won’t be the last time for sure.
  9. Onomastica, a cute game with great design and words.
  10. Andie’s Specialty Sweets. I just found them via The Dainty Squid and instantly fell for them. This sweet shop caters to all sugary decorative needs, and all their products look really lovely. Awww, those mushrooms. And oysters. And everything. I actually wanted to link to my favourites, but as everything just looks so delicious I’ll just advise you to click through their gallery yourselves.

Any thoughts?

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