Paint The Sky With Stars


More like “sew the sky with stars”, but I liked the reference.
My curtain is done (and so is another Daring Deed – No. 75: Finish my drapes)!

I started sewing it back in the old flat when I started moving, as soon as I had the window measurements. Both fabrics I used came from my stock, so the only thing I needed to buy was the felt for the stars. I even had bright yellow thread, a hand-me-down from my grandaunt.


The corduroy used to be greyish blue when I bought it back in school for a not-really-defined skirt project, and it had been used for a bag before (which you can see in this very, very early post. Oh boy.). I had almost decided to give it away as I realised I’d never use it anyway when the move came up. With the starry sky idea in mind I dyed it in the washer – two packs of colour, Simplicol’s navy blue and plum respectively – and was really happy with the result. Scoundrel threw in a t-shirt to tie-dye, too, and is now hooked on tie-dyeing. More on that another time.


The the lining is a light yellow fabric I bought two years ago (and blogged about it here). I had tried to dye it before, but alas, it turned out that it wasn’t 100% cotton after all. For the back of my curtain though it was perfect. It was just enough for the lining, and when I rolled off the last bit from the cardboard tube, I noticed a nice little production/ shipping detail I just had to keep on the outside of the curtain.


I used three colours of crafting felt and made stars of four sizes. The tiniest have a diameter of approx. two centimeters in diameter, the largest come to about ten.

All in all there are no less than 125 stars on the curtain, and even though this might be little compared to the things quilters do frequently, I’m rather proud of having sewed all of them on by hand.
The fist ones – around the curtain’s edges – were quite easy, but when it came to the third and fourth row and the middle, I had several moments of to-hell-with-this. The project even gathered dust for six weeks or so, sitting reproachfully on the shelf. I finally finished it when I had to sit still a lot with only my hands to move during the last two weeks. I’m so glad it’s done now!

No more waking up at six o’clock in the morning, panicking because I think it’s past eleven already because of the daylight.
Oh, this is so great. Also, it’s pretty hard to take good pictures of something that’s supposed to keep the light out, at least with my camera. But mainly it’s great.


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