Over (and over and over) Again

lahntag (22)

Today was the last day of the active part of the semester. The last two weeks were filled with learning, being sick (yay… not.), illustrating, training and exams, and today at 2 p.m. it was all over. That’s holidays!

Summer semesters always feel really, really short. In fact, they are shorter than the winter semesters, but there’s something else, too, the days just fly by, and while the days are longer, the weeks feel shorter. Just when you think the real summer’s still ages away, you’re already halfway through July.

I decided to do a little wrap-up this time, so here we go.

What I learned this semester inside campus:

  • I really need one day off during the week or I won’t be able to keep up with everything, including myself. This might be a luxury, but just having one or two lessons every day this semester wore me out much worse than two or three per day with one day off during the last years.
  • I really should start planning my time table earlier with more time to sign in for lectures and courses (I’m incredibly lame and lazy that way).
  • I learned a lot about Pompeiian houses, Roman iconographics and floor setting techniques.
  • Also, emperor Caligula (or his mother, our professor wasn’t perfectly clear here) had a favourite pet eel whose back fin was pierced, completely with a ring through it.
  • Aquarelle basics our professor last semester in water colours class forgot to teach us, such as using wet tape and masking fluid.
  • Also, colouring without specks or stripes for a more Alphonse Mucha-esqe look.
  • During the Merowiningan dynasty there were still people buried in pagan rites, just alongside “proper” christian burials, sometimes even in the same grave. The word I searched for here is biritual. There’s, for example, the case in Frankfurt with a girl with an embroidered cross on her dress and a cremated boy in a bearskin. The grave is pretty interesting in general, and I’m happy to write a paper about it among others during the holidays.
  • I finished my beginner’s French class with good grades. Which is great, because Bertie’s going to Montpellier for the winter semester and I intend to pay him a visit.

What I learned this semester outside campus:

  • This was my first time to experience sports as a co-coach! Last semester I was asked by someone from my old Canne de Combat class if I’d like to co-train the beginner’s class with him, and of course I wanted to. I didn’t even realise how much I missed that sport for a year, and I’m definitely taking up regular training again next semester. I loved all our beginners (that showed up regularly), and I’m looking forward to see them evolve into fully-fledged cannistes.
  • Working on the realisation of a musical – KASSANDRA (a.k.a. K13) – is hard, and sometimes disappointing. While our hard work didn’t quite pay off – we had way too few visitors on the two days of performance – I don’t think it puts me in self-righteous fury. I’m a bit sad all these people missed it because, even though I feared a proper disaster, we did well. And I didn’t screw up, even though I was the first person on stage!
  • I’ve learned a great deal about photo manipulation (and taking pictures, too) and layout during the work for the promotion for K13. Next thing coming up is the material for our upcoming 60s soirée!
  • I got my first few small commissions, and there’s a bigger project already at the horizon. I’m still learning to schedule work with everything else, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Getting dreadlocks is an incredibly time-consuming and painful matter, but worth every second. Also, I made a great friend. I can’t stress that enough.
  • There are generally two sides to every story, and most of the time unreflected prejudice is the most annoying thing on the planet (no, really?).
  • The thriftshop around the corner has a standard 50% off cut for students, how lovely.
  • Also, I found a great new spot at the river banks (I can even swim there!) where I took the picture above. I’ll give you the whole set another day, but there are some photos coming up for sure, it’s lovely.

What I’m thankful for this semester:

  • Scoundrel, who put up with all my rage and frustration during the last phase before K13. I was a complete wreck at some point, but he did everything to make me better.
  • All the friends I made in the progress! There’s especially one person I always quarrel about with, but actually I couldn’t imagine life without him.
  • That great techniques session of our illustration class that everyone except three people decided to miss. Their loss entirely, it was probably the most fruitful 120 minutes of my life (this might be a bit exaggerating, but it really was fantastic).
  • Same goes for the highly amusing class about Pompeii where we also ended up being only three students.
  • My new place. It’s still in the making, but gradually turning into a home, my home.
  • My new hair. Every time I see my beautiful dreadlocks in the mirror I’ve got to smile.
  • All the funny, adorable insights on French culture our great teacher gave us. Merci bien!
  • The growing greens on my window sill. I’m late, but at the moment neither the plants nor I mind.

I’m not sure what the holidays will bring yet. As mentioned before I might go to France to visit Bertie, but that could happen during the winter holidays, too. The next thing will be a visit in the Shire and then the Conquest of Mythodea, Germany’s largest LARP. I’ve got a new character so I’m a bit nervous, but it will be great anyway, it always is.
I hope, hope, hope I’ll convince someone to take a road trip to the sea with me at least once during the next three months, and I’ll be busy with my to-hand-ins for early history and illustrations class, but I doubt it won’t end up being a great summer in some way.

What are your plans for the holidays? Have you planned something special?


Any thoughts?

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