The First Day of Many

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Saturday was the first day of my summer holidays. I woke up early when I received a text message from Hamlet (who hasn’t had an appearance on this blog until right now) inquiring about the time for our breakfast appointment. He moved last winter so it’s always a bit special when he’s in town. We met up an hour later with Jules at the market place to decide where we’d go. Jules desperately wanted to get the student’s breakfast in one of the most renowned cafés in town, so student breakfast on the terrace it was.

It had been cloudy when I left the house. During our breakfast it cleared off quite a bit, and Jules wanted some ice cream, and I wanted to go for a swim, so we decided to head for the river banks.

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While Jules stopped by the supermarket to get some Ben & Jerry’s, Hamlet went to get cider, and I went home for some spoons and towels. We tied the cider down at a root in the shade of a tree we’d set camp at to keep it cold. The Thistly Cross with Elderflower is mine, the simple Thatchers Gold is Hamlets, and we didn’t know what to bring for Jules so he got the sweetest thing Constantine had in store (it basically tasted like an energy drink).

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The keeping cold worked perfectly well for the cider, but you can’t keep ice cream from melting that way. When Jules opened the pint it looked positively like a milk shake, so he decided to drink it instead.

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The lower glacial strata turned out to be still frozen, so the family silver came to use after all.

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We all went swimming at one point – Jules made it a condition that Hamlet jumped in in trousers, too, to make him, Jules, go for a splash in the first place. I was the only one prepared with swimming attire, but it worked out well anyways.

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At some point in the afternoon Jules had to go as he had another appointment that day but made me promise we would go swimming the next day, too. We all went home with a slight sunburn on our faces, even though we had taken care and used sunscreen, but it was worth it. My day, after I had said goodbye to Hamlet a little later, ended with a very 90s/ early 2000s conversation in the very late evening on a quiet playground with a good friend.

As I sat there on the playset bridge, my feet dangling on the ropes of the climbing frame, gazing at the stars between the tree branches and discussing TV tropes and their use in real live while fulfilling one at the same time I knew that maybe the summer would hold trying parts for me, and it wouldn’t always be that easy and perfect, but I would try and live this summer to the very fullest.

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Any thoughts?

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