10 Things I love in August

iMG_1208 (47)

  1. Lady Lacious, a tumblr full of pretty moriesque pictures. I like the overall vibe of the collection, looks like I’m already looking forward to autumn subconciously.
  2. Japanese Colour Palettes, from Japanese Streets. Greens, blues, yellows & browns. And there’s even more.
  3. JungJung and her delicate crochet botany.
  4. Band Sessions. Bertie and I are working with a bunch of great people at the moment. Even though I have to ride the train for two hours to get to our rehearsals in the morning and come back just before midnight it’s always a pleasure. I truly hope the cooperation will continue after our current project.
  5. I hate Strong Female Characters, an article at New Statesman by Sophia McDougall. While I don’t think there should be a mandatory 50% of the respectively other gender/sex in every film, show, comic book or story, I agree with her, big time. Authors tell us which characters to like, and they aren’t really subtle about it, and yes, the problem is bigger with female characters. Asskickery is fine, but it shouldn’t be the only trait. Don’t write Strong Female Characters. Write interesting ones. Write brilliant, solitary, abrasive, Bohemian, whimsical, brave, sad, maipulative, neurotic, vain, untidy, fastidious, artistic, courteous, rude ones. Not “strong”. Thank you.
  6. The 14 Totoros Sweater on Ravelry. Aww. There’s also a whale version that I adore, and back to Studio Ghibli, there are Totoro mittens as well. And as every year I decide that I should finally learn proper knitting. *sigh*
  7. How To Train Your Dragon. I finally managed to watch it, and it’s horribly cute. Now I want a Toothless hoodie again.
  8. Borderlands 2. I started playing yesterday, and I think CL4P-TP (aka. Claptrap) the robot is adorable. Also, the soundtrack, the comic book style (they even introduce NPC with a freeze and their names and profession!) and humor of the game are great. Here’s the game’s opening, beware of a bit of blood splatter. I’m playing Salvador the Gunzerker, by the way, while Scoundrel settled for ZerO the Assassin when he started playing. This is pretty typical, me being in for the big guns and brawl while he’s much more sophisticated in his choice of weapons.
  9. Old-Fashioned Handkerchiefs. Somehow I wound up collecting them. I got a bunch of lacy ones from my grandmother when she was sorting out stuff and never can go by them in the thrift store. But they are so pretty!
  10. The Hobbit Hole Trailer. It is probaby old news but I think it’s simply adorable. The kitchen nook looks so cute!

Any thoughts?

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