Lolita Challenge: Week 1: Five Staple Pieces


The topic of this first week’s Lolita Challenge is

 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

1. Perfectly fitting tights.

I know, most people put petticoats first. I don’t because the thing I hate most are tights that you’ll have to tug back up every five seconds. For quite some time I thought that stockings would be the only solution to my problem, but then my mother gave me a pair of her tights and I knew better. My favourites are the opaques from Falke. Stockings are still nice, but for autumn and winter I think I like tights better.

2. A dress or skirt you truly love, that is comfy to wear and can take a washing or two.

Of what use is a fashion if you can’t wear it at home, too, it some way? When I wrote this down I thought of a flannel JSK with an appliqué adornment or a solid coloured skirt with a one-colour stencil print. Something you can wear with a T-shirt and a pair of never-failing (see point 1) tights, something for every day, so maybe not in the boldest colour. Maybe not so much lace. Something that also looks good without a petticoat.

3. Comfy but elegant shoes in a neutral colour – black, brown, grey or cream.

For me this means little to no heel, rounded toes with enough space for my feet to actually comfortably fit in and a bit of pretty, such as a brogue style or wingtip design or pretty laces. Boots could also be this, but not as versatile.

4. A beret.

They come in so many styles and so many weights and materials. Also, they look great on about everyone and with every style. One could go for something lacy, crocheted in spring and summer and a heavy knitted one or one made of thick wool fabric for autumn and winter. I’d go for a plain one and pin on buttons and brooches and bows matching the rest of my outfit as I go.

5. Yes, probably a petticoat.

This item on the list is mandatory, I fear. I prefer heavier ones, I always think it’s weird to take up so much space with so little weight. Anyway, it should be a good one, not like mine that is practically made of seams and stitches and mends after two years. I’m working on a new one at the moment that can take a little more and is a bit heavier. Hopefully it will provide poof as well.


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