Lolita Challenge: Week 2: Five Movies for Lolitas

Welcome back to week two of the 52 Week Lolita Challenge! I’m back from the big bad city where I spent the week, so brace yourself for the what-I-did-there and shopping posts to come. But first and foremost I’ll write about

5 movies for Lolitas

I’ll try not to be too cliché. It’s boring when everyone lists the same five pictures.

  1. The Secret of Moonacre. The costumes are the amazing, and I love the scenery. Actually I think it’s more of a Mori Girl picture, but I think “pureblood” Lolitas could enjoy it, too. The (not so great) trailer can be found here.
  2. The Princess and the Frog. Probably my favourite Disney Princess movie ever. First, it’s set in the 20s. Second, Tiana just wants her damn own restaurant, nothing fancy. And she works hard for it. Third, Facilier, the villain, is pure gold. Fourth, if Charlotte, Tiana’s best friend, lived today, she’d probably be a sweet Lolita. Here‘s the trailer.
  3. Populaire. A really charming piece of French cinematography, this came out in 2012 but didn’t run at our theatres until this year. I went to see it with a friends, and I loved it. They managed to catch that 50s/60s vibe really well, the score is great and the dresses as well as the actors in them are adorable. You can see the bande annonce here.
  4. Eloise at the Plaza Hotel. Because Eloise is the spoiled rotten little princess that we sometimes secretly with we were. No trailer this time because I couldn’t find a good (or official) one.
  5. Hairspray. I had to have a musical in this list. I thought about Moulin Rouge, too (great visuals!), but it’s a jukebox musical, so it doesn’t really count. Also, Hairspray is really cute and upbeat and has a great message about acceptance. Which is never wrong. See the Trailer here.

_ _ _ _ _ _

P.S.: I’m thinking about giving away some or even all of the illustrations that I’ll make during the challenge, most probably on a monthly basis if anyone was interested. I’d be glad if you shared your opinion on that in the comments section!


3 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 2: Five Movies for Lolitas

  1. Oh, I´d love to get the adorable illustration of this post! It would look very nice at the wall of my atelier :) “The Secret of Moonacre” is a very cute movie. I also love the style of the costumes. It also remindes me a bit of “Dolly Kei” in some way.
    Sweet-Lolita fits very good to Charlotte. Or maybe Hime Gyaru could also be great for her. And Tiana would look great in Vintage inspired Lolita :D

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