Getaway in the City – Part I


Lately, I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong, I love my town. But fact is, I’ve been born in the city, and it is somewhere in my veines. When the rolling countryside of the shire is in my bones, the rhythm and vibe of the city is definitely in my pulse. And sometimes I simply have to get away.

So I asked my father if I could have his flat for a couple of days while he was out of town, and he said yes.
My grandparents had already complained I hadn’t visited for so long, so this was my first stop. I also got the spare keys there, although they turned out to be the wrong ones and I was standing outside closed doors. After a few phone calls I went up to my aunt’s house where I finally got the right set of keys.


I was so glad when I finally could take off my shoes and just curl up in front of the computer (my father has a new computer by the way. Touchscreen. Giant touchscreen. I’m so jealous.) and make myself at home again. This was on Monday.

picture by Jules

I had spoken to Jules before about him coming to visit while I was in the city. He came Tuesday a bit after noon, and a bit later we were ready to depart.

We decided to take a walk to the shopping district rather than taking the underground, and even took a little detour through the park.

Me, fooling around on the small wall around the Liebighaus museum.
picture by Jules
Jules, posing in front of what he would love to be his “small city home” one day.

The weather was really nice, a bit windy, not too sunny, just good, until about half the way. And then it rained. And when it rains, it pours, and pour it did. We fled under the awning of a nearby bistro until the worst was over and made it to the next book shop before it started again.


From there it wasn’t far to the big shops anymore, but we went for a little lunch first.


I got onigiri as always and a small bottle of water (With a jellyfish sticker! Jules got one with a hippo.), as I always forget to take some with me.


We stopped by some of our usual shops and then went on to IIMORI, our favourite pâtisserie and café. I had my traditional matcha chiffon cake and green tea, and we had found a table in the far back of the café. I love the whimsical decoration of the place. Isn’t this dollhouse adorable?


It was a bit dark for the camera back there, please excuse the blurry pictures.
It was a bit dark for the camera back there, please excuse the blurry pictures.
picture by Jules
picture by Jules
Usually I'm not fond of flash pictures at all, but I liked the motif so much.
Usually I’m not fond of flash pictures at all, but I liked the motif so much.

After this break we went on to Primark. Oh dear, Primark. I actually hate places like this. It’s crowded, it reeks of chemicals, the quality is horrible most of the time, the presentation, crumpled due to swarms of customers, looks like something a scavenger left after taking a bite, shaking it a bit and then deciding it tastes plain wrong. Horrible. But alas, I needed new shoes, something with a little bit of heel, not too much, something nice. Ha. Sure.

While I didn’t find any shoes I liked that matched my criteria  – I found a nice pair of ballroom compatible shoes, but I already have two pairs – I ended up with this:


  • two pairs of tights, mustard yellow (I love this colour) and pink
  • a gold star print scarf/shawl for autumn
  • a cute Halloween style print shirt

I always have a hard time finding print shirts that I like and that suit me outside of Teefury and consorts, so this was worth it. I’ve heard various opinions on Primark shirts, from “trash it after the first wash” to “still looks decent after half a year”. We’ll see. I’ll also have to take it in a little at the sides as I found it in the men’s department.


Jules had found a jacket at H&M (the autumn collection really looks nice, I was a little surprised with this), but not in his size, so half an hour before closing time we started a hunt for a larger one through the other H&Ms on Frankfurt’s main shopping street. While we couldn’t find it (and not even in the online shop later that evening) I finally managed to hunt down a blouse I’ve had an eye one for a while. I had been a bit sad because I hadn’t found it anywhere except in the online store, and in the very last H&M, just five minutes before they locked up, I found it in the” “marked down” rack. It’s a bit more ivory-ish in colour than the picture shows, and I’m in love.


We got ourselves wonderfully unhealthy deep-fry food – tarte flambée for me, pizza for Jules – and a bottle of cidre for dinner and headed home. I finally introduced Jules to Warehouse 13 which he surprisingly found really amusing, and after I had dozed off during the second half of the pilot, curled up on one of my father’s large sofa cushions, we eventually went to bed.


3 thoughts on “Getaway in the City – Part I

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, I think Lolita and dreads work quite well in my case – I don’t feel so overdressed now when I get selfconscious again while wearing the style, too.
      And yes, that’s a book wallpaper. This café’s style is just so cute. <3

  1. Looks like a nice trip! The IMORI Café (I remember you told me about it) looks lovely and matcha cake is great :) Your outfit is super cute! I like the mix and the colours. Btw, I understand why you don´t like Primark. I also hate such huge, crowdy shops. They´re much too unrelaxed! But you found very pretty things :)

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