Getaway in the City – Part II


Here’s part two of my short stay in the city recently. You’ll find part one here.

Jules had stayed over night, and I woke him up on Wednesday morning around nine-ish. He had actually asked for this himself, as we hadn’t been able to do everything on our agenda the day before. We had breakfast with a view of the very rainy and shrouded-in-mist skyline with smoked salmon and cheese and toast and white tea, and after that we hurried to the underground and got out at the opera, but not to attend a cultural performance but to stop by at Manufactum, one of my favourite shops ever.


Scoundrel always complains about my old, ineffective pepper grinder, so I decided I’d get a new one. It’s a Peugeot.
I also bought a bar of Bronnley lemon soap – I think I remember someone from my family having these from time to time when I was a child, and it just smells so good, so perfectly clean.

We then went on to H&M for more autumn collection business (it’s really a pretty one!) and  dropped in at several other places too before I had to part with Jules as I had a lunch date with my favourite aunt (the one with the right keys). We went for Chinese as always. Initially we had planned to go get sushi this time, but my aunt hadn’t tried it before and we figured it would be more prudent for her to try it first with a small takeaway box instead of a whole lunch. Anyway, I like Chinese and I’d just been to my favourite sushi place a week ago, so that was fine with me.
Usually we go for a dessert after we meet for lunch, too, but this time she had to go early and I also rushed home right after cleaning my plate (okay, not that fast) to check on my facebook messages because…


I had written to the lovely Natz of junimondig if she was interested in having tea or coffee with me while I was in town, and she’d said yes! We met up in the afternoon and went for tea and cake at IIMORI’s. I really love the place, so I had no problem with going there two days in a row.
After a nice chat we went window shopping a little, and I couldn’t resist to buy a fluffy mint underskirt petticoat thingy I had seen at Claire’s the other day. It’s just the right thing to fluff up my other petticoat if necessary or for minimal poof for a more toned-down look.

instead of petticoat pictures: streetart on the way to the maps shop

We ended up sitting and talking on the border of a huge planter in a mall until it got dark outside. Thanks for the really nice afternoon again, I’m so glad I had the guts to message you!


Thursday was my last day, and I had set up a date with Carou for good measure. She needed some fabric for a swap present and some fabric paint, so we browsed the local fabric and craft supply shops. I wanted another vial of Windsor & Newton ink – I only had violet so far. My professor advised me to get a good collection of these as they would be great for my style, and who am I to disagree? I decided to slowly buy them one by one, and now I have a deep red, too. They also had a nice array of washi tapes, and I just couldn’t leave without the measuring tape. Bad girl.


In the end, we landed at pâtisserie IIMORI again, three days in a row, but that’s perfectly fine with me. This time the lovely blue sofa in the front of the café wasn’t taken, and it was soooo comfy!



I had actually considered to stay one more night and take the train home on Friday morning, but when I came home to my father’s place and kicked off my shoes again I knew I just wanted my own dear little hobbit hole. I had dinner, and I did the dishes, and I had a nice chat with a friend who happened to be online just then, and then I took the next train home. It wasn’t overly orderly and I still had the second part of a half-finished sewing project lying around, but I was just so happy to be home again.


And this is why I need a break sometimes.


Any thoughts?

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