Lolita Challenge: Week 4: Hats!

Wow, it’s just week four? It feels like I started the challenge a while ago now. Anyway, this weeks topic is

Favorite thing to put on my head.

I’m not quite sure about that one. While I really like elaborate Lolita headpieces I’d probably never wear them. What I wear are clip-in things and headbands. Both work well with the dreadlocks. Before I had those I also loved to wear hats, but now only a few of them still fit. I kept most of them of course, just in case I’ll get rid of my dreads somewhere in the future.

Oldschool Headdresses

It might seem sort of embarrassing in “modern” Lolita context, but I really think they’re cute. I even thought about making some of my own this winter. Honestly they were one of the first things that fascinated me about Lolita, and I think I noticed them earlier as a staple than the all-over shape. Granted, they get used in anime and manga a lot, so one has to be careful with them, but I think they could make a comeback one day, though.


I think bonnets are adorable, especially soft half ones. I’d never dare to wear them outside special Lolita events, photo shoots or conventions, but they are so cute! It helps that I’m a major Jane Austen and Charles Dickens fangirl.

Full size hats

I used to think mini hat are cute, and I still think they can be, but most of the time they seem a bit ridiculous to me. I might take up making them again, but I don’t think I’ll ever wear one except for a shoot (or a very, very fancy ball outfit or costume). Full size hats are, as I mentioned above, a favourite of mine. My collection includes a woolen top hat, a grey bowler hat, several soft caps, a straw hat and something that looks like a sporty flapper’s favourite. I might need a satin top hat one day, and maybe a boater hat, too.


I love wreaths, be it flowers or berries, real or silk ones. When they seem too much I can always settle for a floral headband with lace or individual clips (I even have those in neon yellow. Nor for Lolita, though). I’m planning to make a (faux) berry wreath this autumn, we’ll see if I keep this plan. ^^


Oh god, I love the witch’s hats BtSsb/AatP puts out every year around Halloween. This one from 2011 is definitely my favourite to date. I also liked the idea of book and terrarium headdresses voiced on F Yeah Lolita during the “Ridiculous Trend Predictions” (1,2). Also, and I stumbled over this again when I looked for the links before, antler headdresses. NEED. I’m a big fan of house Baratheon’s crowns in Game of Thrones and of deer and stags anyway, so those are a must sometime soon.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Illustrating this one was really fun! I think I’ll stick with this style for the challenge, it’s the same I used with week one. If anyone would like to have this weeks illustration, tell me. The pictures are just gathering dust here, so I’d be glad to give them away.


Any thoughts?

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