10 Things I love in September

I’m not really good at staying within the lines when it comes to nails.

I just noticed this was still sitting in my drafts section. High time to post it!

  1. Trespasser Ceramics. I found the site via Mike Mignola’s facebook status when he posted a picture of the awesome Hellboy mug Andrew had made for him.
  2. Laquer Surfaces. I love spray painting things. The flawless, glossy solid colored surface is so pretty afterwards. It always looks a bit vintage-ish, so that’s another plus.
  3. Dear Mr. Watterson, a documentary on Bill Watterson and Calvin & Hobbes, wich is, together with TinTin and Mouse Gard, probably my favourite comic series ever. I’m so looking forward to this! You can watch the trailer here.
  4. Twin Peaks. I guess I should admit this only grudgingly, but it’s actually a really good show once one gets used to it. I already tried to watch it half a year ago and was so incredibly annoyed with the slow pace and the bitchyness of pretty much every character that I decided I wouldn’t like it after the pilot. This time I gave it a second chance. It’s a bit like doing the dishes. When I have something else to do during the process it’s quite fine. And so I watch Twin Peaks while dishwashing. They sort of cancel out the negative parts of each other. I’m sort of afraid of starting the second story line, I fear I read too many bad critiques. Bonus: Just last week I noticed that one of the night clubs in town has Laura Palmer’s prom pic hanging in the gallery of their lounge room, how cool is that? I’m also a total Dale Cooper fangirl, but that one was to be expected.
  5. Harvey’s New Eyes, the (long-out) sequel to the infamous point-and-click adventure Edna’s Escape by Daedalic. They somehow managed to make it even more psycho-in-places-where-you-wouldn’t-suspect-it than the first game. The graphics are still the same cute style, the riddles and methods seem ridiculously easy at first but get far more complicated as you proceed (or maybe that’s just me). I played it in one day and a half after Scoundrel gave it to me (It was a late anniversary gift. This guy really gets me. ♥), and I fell for the lovely theme song, too.
  6. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, a comic about nerds vs. cheerleaders in a school presidential campaign. Sadly (but in a way of very good advertisement) only the first 23 pages of the story are online, and I’m earnestly contemplating buying the printed version.
  7. Music Box Versions. Or music boxes in general. Youtube is full of pretty songs (especially Vocaloid ones), as is now my mp3 player. They make me feel pretty and a bit like a storybook princess, and when I’m not dressed like it while listening to them they feel like a cute little secret.
  8. It’s getting cooler. Oh, how I’ve waited for this! It’s time for flannels again, and I can wear my favourite hoodie on an everyday basis!
  9. Ever After High. It’s no secret how I adore the Monster High franchise, and I could see a similar trend of modding and crafting for its new sister line of dolls, too. They have the same ball-jointed bodies and I like the artwork far better than I liked the drawings from Monster High. Also, the figures are based on fairy tales, children’s books and nursery rhymes, how cute is that? They might not have much in common with their folklore origins, but the design is really cute. Most female characters even wear something what could be a very progressive, fantastic style of Lolita! And of course I like the gist of a character not agreeing with their appointed destiny. And Maddie Hatter reminds me indcredibly of Carou (sometimes uncannily so). Here’s the official “Royal or Rebel” website.
  10. Spike-Studded Headgear. I recently saw a bowler hat with a spiked hatband at Claire’s. Sadly it wouldn’t fit with the dreadlocks, but I really love the idea. I guess I’ll have to make one myself (well, just a bit of modding) once the dreads are gone some day, but until then I settled for a spiked headband in iron oxide red.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I love in September

  1. Soso… scheint, als müsse ich doch mal in Ever After High reinschauen, ein bisschen neugierig bin ich jetzt doch. ^^
    Man hat mir keine Ähnlichkeit mehr zu Trickfiguren unterstellt, seit meine Eltern nach “Tangled” mit mir aus dem Kino kamen und mir augenblicklich eine Bratpfanne kaufen wollten. XD

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