I handed in my last paper for this semester today (twenty minutes before the deadline. Yay me!)! I’ve eaten far too much sugar in the last few days and slept far too little and didn’t even manage one of my projects for September, but now I’m done and two more weeks of autumnal holidays are stretched out before me.

I also have a bit of a cough and a sore throat, so I stopped by the green supermarket around the corner to get some herbal infusion on my way home. I had bought the “fab four” pack of Higher Living a few months ago and came round drinking the Very Berry samples yesterday night, and tey were definitely my favourite. The nail polish had to come along, it just matched so well in colour (it’s benecos’ “dream on”, by the way). Last but not least I saw this adorable little flask when I was actually looking for storage baskets for the bathroom today (I found none). Isn’t it cute?
So much for rewarding myself.

On a different notice I will have no internet from tomorrow on for quite a while, at least two weeks. The old contract on the flat run out and I decided to get a new one rather to renew it. I’ll have access at uni (I’m really glad the semester hasn’t started yet and the library’s pretty much empty at the moment), so there will still be updates. I actually have quite a lot of posts planned for October already!
I think having no internet at home will be quite the experiment for a junkie like me, but I see it as a chance to get out a bit more and maybe have a bit more progress on my projects, too.


Now it’s time to replenish some more energy with a cup of hot chocolate and sweet buns. Have a great start into October!


2 thoughts on “Self-Gratification

  1. Hehe, dann geht es dir ein bisschen wie mir. Ich habe auch vorhin die letzte Hausarbeit abgegeben und kann jetzt mit dem Belohnungsprogramm starten. Dickster Programmpunkt: Burgtreffen. :D

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