Lolita Challenge: Week 5: Wardrobe turnover


Wow, it’s week five and I’m still keeping up. On to month two of the 52 weeks Lolita challenge! We’ll start with the topic of

My wardrobe turnover.

Which doesn’t really happen with Lolita clothing. As my wardrobe is quite smaller that I’d like it to be, all pieces are either hand-made or well-chosen.

It does, however, happen with “normal” clothing which gets sorted every half a year or so. I regularly get fits of “ohgodIreallyhatemywardrobe” or “thisisallsoincrediblyboring”, and this is usually the point when I pull everything out, throw it on the bed and then have the sudden urge to hide under a blanket until it goes away on its own.

Usually I sort out ten pieces or so, talk to someone about it and why I don’t see them in my closet in the future (the clothes, not the people), donate half of them and put the rest back into my wardrobe, just to have the same procedure again a few months later. Last time, however, I stayed strong and put away everything except T-shirts I want to recycle. Yay me!

I prefer donating to selling most of my old clothes. Sure, selling them would make a little money, which would be great, but I really like to get rid of the things all at once, and donating is definitely faster than selling in this regard.

At the moment I get most of my new pieces from the thrift shop, and my basics that need to be replaced at H&M. I need a new pair of hemp sneakers, though…

_ _ _ _ _

P.S.: I’m still productive – one (“official”) project down!


2 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 5: Wardrobe turnover

  1. Erspähe ich da dein Love Nadia OP? :D Und der Tüllrock kommt mir auch bekannt vor :>
    Meine normalen Klamotten sollte ich allerdings auch mal ausmisten.. ich hab viel zu viel, mein Schrank geht schon fast nicht mehr zu! ._.

    1. Ich hab zwar nur den Rock, aber ja, das ist Love Nadia, und denn Tüllrock kennst du auch. :D
      Mein Schrank hat keine Türen, das heißt, die Klamotten diffundieren dann irgendwann einfach so durchs Zimmer…

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