Lolita Challenge: Week 6: My favorite Lolita brand

Welcome back to week six of the 52 Week Lolita Challenge. Today’s theme inquires about

My favorite Lolita brand.


Emily Temple Cute

I adore their prints. They are more on the whimsical side, but those are allover prints I’d definitely wear every day, too. The style is pretty retro, but still looks good with Lolita – sort of old-school. They remind me of middle-of-the-last-century novelty print dresses, which is definitely a plus. Their themes are also ver Mori Girl compatible, antique cutlery and sweets, deer and mermaids, bunnies and stripes.
My favourites are Lace Paper & Cookies and the spoon prints (although I’m not so fond of their faible of babydolls). Also, the Pippi Longstockings print.



Morrigan NYC

While they seem to be on a longer hiatus at the moment I love their Moby Dick series. It’s so sad they haven’t made a new design in what feels like ages.



Metamorphose temps de fille

While Meta has their moment of WTF every once in a while some of my absolute dream pieces were made by them. Arguably, none of them is younger than two years, but anyway. They make really pretty two-tone prints and beautiful solids. There’s also their Chessboard JSK (in grey), one of the prints I really like.



Fan plus Friend Garden

Arguably one of the more scorned brands in Lolitadom, F+F started out as a costume shop and made its way up to a rather decent classic brand. I love how innovative their designs are in comparison, for example the Princess Portrait dress. The Alice Lolita: Chess World JSK is very pretty, too, especially the blue/red colourway. The epitome of a dream dress used to be the Alice Poker Dress in grey for me (the one depicted above). They don’t sell it anymore, so here‘s just a review.My current favourite is this rather simple dress. I have a thing for pintucks.



Vierge Vampur

Yet another indie brand, but with the oddest designs I’ve ever loved. Teeth? Sure! Awkward legs in striped tights? No problem! I think that’s great, it’s really what Lolita needs. Something outside the sweets and rainbow bunnies box (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I love a little variety).


I think what all my favourite Lolita brands – or at least my favourite dresses – have in common is a certain quirkiness. Sure, Vierge Vampur might be an extreme example in the fashion, but Emily Temple Cute has its moments, too. They are more on the classic or casual side, though. Also, most of my favourite pieces are of muted colour so I probably won’t find a dream dress in the nowadays Angelic Pretty range. In prints I’m more of a one or two tone girl. That’s fine, this way I can make my own printed things easier with stencils.
I’m not sure if I’ll ever aquire a dress from one of these brands, but I really like their style, and if nothing else, they’re great inspiration.


One thought on “Lolita Challenge: Week 6: My favorite Lolita brand

  1. I love Morrigan NYC’s raven skirt! I really want one, especially as my last name is Morrigan, and I am a real birdlover! Of course, they are no longer available! :(

    There are so many gorgeous brand items, but I can’t afford any of them at the moment! I went to my first Lolita picnic recently, I am going to put the pictures up on my blog soon!

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