Scrap Heap Reduction: Scrap Ball

IMG_1234 (3)

I’ve been trying to reduce my fabric stash lately. There’s especially one big plastic bag full of smaller pieces and leftovers from gone-by projects that is two scraps short of overflowing. So I’ve been looking for things to do with these scraps, and here is one thing I found: The Scrap Ball.

One of my problems is that I just can’t bring myself to throw away perfectly good fabric scraps. The scrap ball is not essentially throwing away stuff, but it disappears anyway. This might sound weird, but it works for me, and maybe it works for some of you, too.


You’ll need:

  • Larger fabric scraps. I prefer heavier ones. This way the lumpy scrap stuffing won’t screw up the overall shape so much.
  • Needle and thread, and preferably a sewing machine.
  • Scissors, and fixing pins (not on the photo).
  • Smaller scraps, or a few projects to come.

IMG_1222 (2)

This is the overall shape for a four-part scrap ball. I just made one myself, estimated on oned I’d seen before. There are dozens of patterns for fabric balls on the net, or you can just sketch your own. Just scribble a bit, then take the quarter of your shape you like best and then reflect it accordingly to make the whole thing.

IMG_1224 (2)

The green parts are remnants of an old ren faire hood, the light pink are what was left of one of my favourite pants as a teenager.

IMG_1227 (2)

I sew two parts together first so I have two bicolour parts that I again sew together. Leave open a few centimeters to turn and later stuff the scrap ball. The felt fabrics I used for the first ball have the merit of not fraying at all, by the way. I secured the hem of the corduroy, just in case.

IMG_1228 (2)

That’s basically it. Now you can feed it your smaller scraps and let it live next to your sewing machine to be stuffed with all the little scraps you’d thrown away or (it you’re like me) thrown on your scrap heap.

IMG_1213 (2)

When the scrap ball is fed, fat and round, you’ll have to sew it shut. I prefer an invisible stitch.


When it’s done it looks like this. I’m quite content with how it turned out!


Scrap balls in their natural habitat. I gave the first one to Scoundrel who uses it to throw it at his best friend through Warhammer 40k sessions (they’re incredibly cute with each other). It has 160g, which is surprisingly heavy, but it’s really throwable. I just have no idea what to do with the second ball once I’m done…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to have invented this thing, this tutorial is merely to show how I did this after seeing a finished one somewhere on Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Scrap Heap Reduction: Scrap Ball

  1. Liegt es daran, dass ich auch gerade Vorräte abbaue oder üben sich gerade viele in dieser Disziplin? :D
    Bälle, die mit winzigen Resten gefüllt werden, sind eine gute Idee dafür.

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