Back to School


Uni has started again, again, and I’m busy coping with my new schedule. Wednesday seems to be my day off at least every fortnight, blessedly. I had hoped for Monday or Friday, but when I think it through, a break midweeks isn’t too bad, either. It’s actually a bit better. Tuesday only has four hours of art, and Monday is still debatable.

I’m curious and a bit nervous what Thursday and Friday might bring. Our courses are always so stuffed, it’s a bit of a gamble if one makes it in or not.
I hope I can keep my productivity up, though. I managed to get through a few more scraps and am peparing to tackle my UFO* box now.

As you can see autumn has taken over here. It’s time for woolen sweaters again, and cozy evenings in the window nook. I think this autumn will include a personal one-person re-run of Firefly (I just got the second volume of the companion and couldn’t remember all episodes, yikes.) and leather elbow patches.

Have you got any specific plans for the season?

_ _ _ _ _ _

* UnFinished Objects


Any thoughts?

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