Steampunk War-Flag Candy Pillow


During my recent streak of productivity I thought I could as well do something useful. I’ve got this round pillow that used to have a horrible 90s cover, and I made a cover resembling a pocket watch for it. But every time I wanted to wash said pocket watch cover I had to go back to the 90s cover, and it really doesn’t match the rest of the bed, so I decided to sew another one.

It’s actually a scrap heap reduction project, too, I just had to refer back to my fabric chest once, for a bit more of the white stripe fabric (an old blanket cover). The dark red stripes are leftovers from one of my LARP sarafan dresses, and the pink-and-red striped was once supposed to end up in something steampunky but never made it. I made one stripe different just for fun, as I originally had planned to make every stripe from a different fabric.

The clockface in the middle was a rather spontaneous idea. I had something yellowish in mind when I started sewing but couldn’t find what I needed in my crap heap. I remembered a bit of Steampunk patchwork fabric I still had, and I had already used a few clockfaces as patches already, so I knew it would work.


The back of the cover is half white linen, half the dark red twill I already used for the stripes. The zipper is light blue, but pretty much invisible and I had it in store. I didn’t know what else to use it for, so it ended up there and I didn’t have to buy a new one.

I’m pretty happy how it came out, it looks really cute with the rest of my pillows and blankets. I finished it in one day, started in the morning, paused to go to uni and then had it done before I had to go to training, which was surprisingly fast. Not having internet is probably the best thing that happened to me lately. :)


6 thoughts on “Steampunk War-Flag Candy Pillow

  1. verflixt. das alter macht mir doch zu schaffen… hab irgendwo im achttag das passwort für den survey kurs von t. vergessen… kannst du mir helfen?

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