10 Things I love in October

okto (31)

  1. Les Yeux d’la Tête, a French gypsy swing/steampunk/anarcho chanson band from the Montmartre. I always run by the very outdated posters for their show a few months back on my way to the library and finally decided to look them up. Their visual Varieté style is just as appealing and whimsical as their music. Definitely my soundtrack for this autumn. You can find their official website here.
  2. Dragging my feet through the dry fallen leaven on my way to uni, coffee dates and singing lessons.
  3. The smell of limestone dust under water. I’ve been in the lithography workshop for hours last week, and a wave of nostalgia hit me when I first smelt the dust, reminding me of my internship at a sculptor’s back in school.
  4. The Warwick Rowers. This is a really great project against homophobia. Not really save for work, though (but I think I found my 2014 calendar).
  5. Working Out. I got me a ticket to the uni’s strength training room this semester and I’ve been running lapses before heading to the beginner’s canne de combat training lately. It just feels so good, and it’s a chance to get my ankle back to the status quo before my little accident in summer, too.
  6. My latest Qwertee shirt. It’s this one. I’m not so incredibly happy with the signal red, but I love the design.
  7. Surveying. I have two, no, actually three courses centered around archeological surveys this semester. In one we even go outside and do actual surveying. It’s great to spend the day outside in the fields, I’m already looking forward to the next one.
  8. Futurama. Scoundrel and I are re-watching the series at the moment. I never really noticed how interesting this version of the future was, actually. Also, the Planet Express building is pretty much my dream home (location in NNYC included).
  9. Our new Pathfinder party. We just launched it into adventure, yesterday being the third session. For the first time of our playing together we even have a regular date, Monday evenings. We don’t know exactly what the others are playing as characters as Scoundrel, our GM, forbade us to talk about it beforehand. I just know that Weirdboy’s some kind of gun-slinging Cayden Cailean (aka. The Accidental God) -affiliated Starstone Seeker, Latinus plays a sword-wielding mage who horrbily mistreats his falcata in very creative ways, and I play a short, cute-as-a-button charming little girl with a pet weasel named Crooch. She also used to be a circus performer with a troupe called Deuxieme Chance (Scoundrel’s pick, and I love it) and grew up in a witch’s hut in the woods of Taldor. Still, it’s not sure to my playmates what she is exactly, so I won’t tell here either (yet).  I usually keep my Golarion nerdery off this blog, but I’m just so excited how well this campaing goes so far!
  10. Adrian von Ziegler. I found his youtube channel by chance, and he makes the best background music for RPG adventures, drawing fantasy, sewing LARP clothes and cleaning my room when I don’t want punk.

Any thoughts?

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