Things I Wear: Halloween


It was a pretty spontaneous idea, but in the end I didn’t dress up as a ragdoll but went for La Fée Verte, the absinth fairy (a very blueish one, I know, but it was on really short notice)  instead. I also wrote a tag saying “Absinthe” and “La Fée Verte” and wore it around the waist. The change of plans was the right decision, in the end, because I would have been really uncomfortable in a shorter dress. I love the late 90s/turn-of-the-millenium indie/grunge/punk princess vibe of the outfit, somewhere between 4 Non Blondes and Gwen Stefani.

Outfit Rundown:
– bodice: Pan Aroma
– blouse: Promod
– black skirt: thrifted
– tulle skirt: Claire’s
– star/stripes tights: H&M
– shoes: Underground


The party itself was great, just like last year. There were a lot of people I like present, some of which I’ve only known better for a few weeks, some of which I’ve known for years. The biggest surprise was Hamlet who said he couldn’t make it and made it anyway, which is extra special as we met while preparing for this party last year. Awww. ♥


Jules went as a fox, and I made his mask and the shirt just an hour before we left, but I think for these circumstances it’s quite nice. He had a great time, too, especially with Constantine (they’re a match made in hell, really ^^). The pictures of my outfit above are by him, by the way, thanks!

Outfit Rundown Jules:
– shirt: H&M
– t-shirt: C&A, text by me
– pants: C&A
– shoes: Deichmann
– mask: made by me

I hope all of you had a good night as well yesterday!


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