Lolita Challenge: Week 11: Three trends I wish would come back

This was a hard one as I usually don’t concern myself with the trends of Lolita. Not because I’m special and sooo different, but because I’m far too lazy to keep up with everything. I’m a bit stressed out at the moment as last week especially was really crazy (in a busy kind of way), but anyway, here is week 11 (late. again.):

3 trends I wish would come back

  1. Chunky Shoes. I’m a sucker for chunky shoes, be it heels, platforms or flats, Mary-Janes, T-straps or Boots. They are more comfortable than the elegant slim heels that are en vogue today. Less dainty, yes, but I really like the look.
  2. One-Colour screen prints. While I don’t have anything against the colourful sweet prints that were all the rage during the last two years, I love screen prints. Especially their similarity in looks with silhouettes is something I find extremely appealing.
  3. (Faux) Deer fur accessories. They were such a thing one or two winters ago! I think they are really pretty, a bit more playful than the usual brown, black or white. They are also a great addition to every Mori Girl wardrobe. I love pieces that work with different styles.

Which trends would you wish back if you could? Which are your favourites you’ll follow regardless of the recent style paradigms?


One thought on “Lolita Challenge: Week 11: Three trends I wish would come back

  1. Oh, the deer collars were great! Unfortunately I missed to buy one back then.
    I also loved the velvet dresses, some labels (especially Btssb and AatP) released some years ago. But I think they come back from time to time.
    And what I always like are black and white coordinates. Not in the Maiden style but in an elegant, mature way. For me this is quite timeless :)

Any thoughts?

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