10 Things I love in November


  1. NaNoWriMo, of course. It’s going quite well, and I never made it this far before!
  2. Virgin America’s flight safety video.
  3. Black Swamp Village (and the video of the song) by The Speakeasy’s Swing Band. I’m usually not a big fan of the popcultural zombie, but in this case they’re just too charming not to find adorable.
  4. Hipsters ruin everything, a strip from Hark! A Vagrant!. My NaNoWriMo novel has incroyables in it so I was utterly delighted to find this.
  5. On a similar matter, the French Republican Calendar. The idea was so exeedingly silly (here‘s the wikipedia entry) and I don’t even live in France, but I would have been born on the Jour/Fête du Génie, which would have been pretty cool. On a whim I decided that I want to celebrate a Jour de l’Opinion from now on, too, and Scoundrel, when we discussed it, added “though it’s always Jour de l’Opinion in Marburg”. He’s probably right, but it would fit very much into the whole spirit of our town to have this holiday.
  6. Eritreian Food. We’ve got a great Eritreian restaurant right around the corner and I’m a huge fan of their food. I love the bread that doubles as cutlery there, and the whole place is just so comfy and welcoming!
  7. Hand-Engraved Harry Potter Book Covers. They’re just so pretty. Hat-tip to Cynx!
  8. Otherwordly. It’s a tumblr. about wonderful words. Plenty of material for many favourite word lists to come!
  9. Paper Straws. They’re so pretty, and I finally have some. Xenos decided to put them into their assortment, and I got them as soon as I noticed. Not that I drink so many things that would need a straw.
  10. Silver Moon Necklace by eriadesigns on etsy. It’s so simple yet so pretty, and it reminds me a bit of Sailor Moon (big plus). Hat-tip to Kaylah’s Friday Favourites #236!

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