Lolita Challenge: Week 13 & 14: Lolitas I have met & would love to meet

I know I left out week twelfe, which is a really interesting one, asking for crossovers of Lolita and other fashions, but I desperately want to do illustrations for that one and I don’t have the time to draw some at the moment. So, week 12 is postponed until – I hope – December when I have more time on my hands than right now (there’s not even a picture today! Horrible!). Funnily, NaNo is the thing that stesses me out least. ^^
Anyway, back to the challenge!

I decided to make one post for these two, as I’m a bit behind schedule and the two go so well together. So here’s my answer to week 13’s

Lolitas I have met in real life

My first impulse was to write “none”, because I’m pretty shy and in over four years of being some sort of Lolita I haven’t been to a single meet-up. But actually, I met Lilibeth when she was still into Lolita, so that counts. I also know Miaka in person and just some months ago I met the lovely Natz for the first time. Oh, and Liz, but that was after she sort of left Lolita. Does that count? Maybe someday I’ll have the nerves to actually go to a meet-up. Until then I’ll just be that small island of a Lolita from time to time and meet people by chance. ^^

And the second part refers to week 14:

Lolitas I would love to meet

  1. Miss Lumpy of
  2. MakoChan of Through the Looking Glass and Antique Lillies.
  3. Ayra Leona of Ruffles and Steam. We even work for the same blog and have been attending the same events, but we keep missing out on each other.
  4. Megan of Make Lovely.

I probably even forgot someone. Generally I’m pretty excited to meet new people who share my love for the fashion (or Mori Girl. Or Dolly Kei. Or blogging.). If you happen to stop by somewhere in middle or north Hesse and would like a spontaneous meet-up, drop me a line. ^^


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