Lolita Challenge: Week 15: Newbie Advice

Really quick coloured 10 minute sketch, but I didn’t want to delay this any further.

Well, actually this weeks prompt was

3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita,

but I ended up with five things. Oh well.

  1. Learn to be comfortable with animexx (a German anime and japanophile platform, so this only applies if you’re German) and lifejournal, even if the coding isn’t user friendly at all and the netiquette might be complicated at times and it’s really intimidating at first. I didn’t, and I tell myself over and over that I’ll learn it someday and be active there (or at least on Dunkelsüß). Get over with the getting familiar early. Just do it.
  2. Train yourself not to care about what other say. Or find ways to shut those people out, with fancy headphones and pretty sunglasses and if you need to with an arrogant face.
  3. Try to find people to wear Lolita with you. Or to feel comfortable with when you wear Lolita.
  4. Find your own style of casual. Or in general. And if it isn’t 100% purest Lolita, don’t fret. Maybe you were made for the “casual” or “inspired” section of the style forums and communities. Yes, these sections are often treated with contempt, and everyone fears to end up there. Don’t listen to the people who do so.
  5. Pick a signature colour besides your basics (be that black, white, grey or pink) for the first few items and outfits. It makes coordinating much easier without looking too simple.

Any thoughts?

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