10 Favourite Crafts: Deck The Halls


While I’m far from being done decorating I thought I’d share my favourite Yuletide-related crafts with you.

  1. Christmas Crackers. What’s Christmas without crackers? My mother used to make some when I was little and I renewed that tradition lately, but I fear there will be none this year as Jules doesn’t spend the holidays in the Shire. Anyway, the website is in Chinese, but the pictures should speak for themselves. Imagine these in vintage pattern scrapbooking paper… ♥
  2. Honeycomb Ornaments. Paper ornaments are really pretty, and the best thing about them it that they can be made of recycled material so easily. For a bibliophile these would look great in any colour an old book pages or even school copies.
  3. Party Blowers. As a filling for the crackers. I love how refined these ones look. They could also double as some sort of fortune cookie if you wrote the fortune onto the paper.
  4. Ice Skates Ornaments. I lovelovelove ice skating (I’m pretty sure I’ll spend at least one of the holidays in the rink again), and these are so delightfully vintage in their looks, too. Also, just like the paper ornaments earlier this is one of those project most people already have everything for at home.
  5. Gingerbread House Cake. I love the idea of decorating a cake with gingerbread house fronts.
  6. Crochet Elf Slippers. These won’t definitely be happening this year around here, but I fell in love with the design the first time I saw them. Maybe next year…
  7. Holly Hair Clip. I love holly-themed items, and these would make such a cute accessory for any holiday wardrobe. I’m thinking about making a mistletoe version, too.
  8. Paper Snow Flakes. Of course paper snow flakes! Sadly I couldn’t find the original source of the picture, but these are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Also, this can be a recycling project as well (copies of boring papers past, beware).
  9. Clove Clementines. I prefer oranges as they aren’t as squishy and clementines are great to eat (every slice comes in an individual packing. That’s so great!). They smell wonderful and look good at the same time.
  10. Street Lamp Snow Jar. This is just so pretty. I’m still hoping the snow that is falling outside right now will stay…

Also, these Balloon Ornaments aren’t a tutorial, but I’d love them on my tree (well, branches, more likely), so I’ll  try anyway.

Are you done decoration already or late just like me?


Any thoughts?

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