Lolita Challenge: Week 16: Ten facts about my Lolita wardrobe

IMG_1221 (2)

Huh, I nearly forgot about it this week. But better late than never, and so here are

10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe

  1. It’s mostly sweet and classic. Weirdly, because I love punk and gothic.
  2. It’s lacking shoes.
  3. It barely exists, and it’s stuffed in with the rest of my clothing.
  4. Generally, people wonder why I have so little clothes.
  5. It’s about 30% offbrand (like H&M and Zara), 30% Bodyline, 20% thrifted and 20% selfmade.
  6. I need more Casual Lolita, especially T-shirts.
  7. And a hoodie. Somehow I desparately want a hoodie with bunny ears (I seldomly wear hoods, though).
  8. The most present colour is black, closely followed by red and then a mint and Robin’s egg blue mix.
  9. The only bag I wear with Lolita is my vintage camera bag. I might need another one day.
  10. I’m still searching for the perfect bloomers pattern.

Any thoughts?

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