Once Upon A Swap – Giant Killer

Thanks for all the positive responses to my latest swap gifts! I’ll be posting a tutorial for the book bag sometime, probably in the new year.

And to make my posts about that fairy tale swap complete, here are the beautiful things I got from Gazelle.

IMG_1222 (3)

A beautiful giant killer skirt.

IMG_1227 (3)

IMG_1230 (2)

IMG_1231 (3)

A fairy tale cutsew.

IMG_1235 (3)

And those wonderful velvet Snow White and Rose Red-themed wristwarmers.

I’ve worn all three things a few times already, sadly there was never someone around to take pictures. I’m off to uni now, have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Swap – Giant Killer

  1. So nice to read, you actually wear the things and like them. :-)
    I have to SEW a pair of wristwarmers for myself, too…
    And i make far too little things with embroidery for myself, but it is so hard to choose from all the nice things, that are available. ;-)

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