10 Things I love in December

Me as a nisse/tomte, made with this cute game
Hedgefairynisse. ^^
Made with the Nisse Maker by Niobesnuppa@dA
  1. This H&M Dress. I’ve already got it in black, and just a few days ago I bought it in green, too. It’s pretty see-through, so I wear it with a basic long-tee-sort-of-dress underneath, and I love how little space it takes in my luggage. All I need now is some chunky silver jewelery and a battered pair of non-black Docs. Well, my Triumph Docs will do, too, but coloured ones would be so much more late 90s.
  2. Yuletide Carols. Christmas Songs. Holiday Tunes. Be it Victorian or Tudor, from a Barbie movie or a swing classic, I love them all (except for Wham’s Last Christmas, unbeloved stepchild of all Christmas tunes ^^). By far my favourite at the moment is Michael Bublé’s Cold December Night which has the line “I’m older now, but not done hoping”, which pretty much sums up my feelings for this special time of the year.
  3. Mulled Wine. I’m not even such a big fan of drinking it, I just love the smell (and mulled wine jellies!). Also, I’m pretty fine with the virgin version, and I think I should make some really soon. Oooh, and I just bought two packs of mulled wine jellies, my absolute favourites.
  4. The cute little Stray Cat with the big round eyes we met on a night walk a couple of days ago. Even Scoundrel wanted to take him/her home, and he’s allergic.
  5. The prospect of Three Weeks Off. Three glorious weeks off. Oooh, it’s going to be so wonderful.
  6. Roasted Almonds (or other nuts),especially ones that are still warm. I’ve got to try and make some myself now that I’m in the Shire. Gladly my mother sent me several bags of nuts in her annual advent package.
  7. They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science is probably one of the best and happiest, genre-doesn’t-matter album I’ve ever heard (also, thanks to their Roy G. Biv song I can finally remember the right sequence of colours in the rainbow…). They make music I can’t be annoyed with which is great for those unnerving tasks.
  8. The Nisse Maker by Niobesnuppa. It’s such a cute dress up game, and it instantenously put me in holiday mood.
  9. How I didn’t blow my last presentation for this year. Usually with this special professor something goes wrong. Every. Single. Time. As it did this time, as the odp file somehow blew up. Luckily the professor let me slip out of the classroom, run home and get a complete version of the file (which makes him sort of my hero for this week), and I returned just in time for my turn. And didn’t ruin it. At all. And it was the very last class of the year, too! Now I can finally lean back an relax a litte and get some of that thing called sleep I’ve had far too little lately. ^^
  10. Santa Parkour. Hey, it’s Christmas and parkour, two of my favourite things together!

Any thoughts?

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