Favourite Words in December

The greeting card I hung in the hallway for my neighbors. Happy Holidays!

Another month without words has passed, but I actually wrote so much for NaNo that there weren’t any left.

  1. rakish. adjective, English. In my head this is closely related to the Scoundrel and/or the term “ruggedly handsome”.
  2. Kopfkino. noun, German. Translates to “head cinema” and describes the little movies and scenes going on in your mind during the day, often referring to in aspects of libidinously or absurdly themed conversations. If you don’t live in a germanophone country, (literally) spread the word, it’s awesome (and pronounce it this way: [ˈkɔpfˌkiːno]). We already taught it to a couple of Brits who were staying at Scoundrel’s a few weeks ago. This is probably one of my favourite German words ever.
  3. Dragoner. noun, German. A dragoon. Sounds dashing.
  4. bauble. noun, English Something shiny, preferably spherical. Also the name of an odd in Hinges.
  5. Tonttu. Tomte. Nisse. noun, Finnish/Swedish/Norse. Small people (usually old men) with red hats of the fair folk. A bit like pictured above.

Any thoughts?

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