Preparing for the Change


I’m trying to finally update my About page and the menus and the header and everything and also maybe the theme for New Year’s. This means I’m trying to write a promt about myself that doesn’t sound too naive or to special snowflake-y or short and uninformative or pretentious. Is it showing off to write that I’m a big fan of Shakespeare since my early teenage years? I’d think so if I read this somewhere (but then again, I’m pretty much of  a bitch). Is it necessary to mention my taste in music? Is that – or anything I’m going to put in there – big enough a part of my life to mention it? Do I want it to sound more heads-in-the clouds and mystic or more down-to-earth and tongue-in-cheek? To me right now, everything I write reads like a bumbling idiot wrote it.

Is it vain to think about this so much?

It’s a bit silly how a little bit of self-representation on the web makes me think about all of this. It just like figuring out who I am at the moment, and this is always a thing I find complicated and even hard to do. Also, I’m desperately trying to decide on a design theme.

Please just tell me I’m not the only one with problems with an About page text. ^^


3 thoughts on “Preparing for the Change

  1. Awwm, es schneit in deinem Blog! Das finde ich schick! :)
    Und nein, du bist nicht die einzige, die sich so einen Stress macht, wegen ihrer Über mich-Seite. Wir sind mindestens zwei. ;) Es gibt Gründe, weshalb diese Seite bei mir seit Monaten in progress ist. Wie viel will ich tatsächlich über mich schreiben, wie soll das klingen, warum habe ich kein ordentliches Porträtfoto von mir? Vermutlich dauert es noch eine ganze Weile, bis ich das veröffentlichen kann.^^

  2. Haha, good to see it’s not only me that has this problem..
    I think one should write whatever feels “right” (easier said than done, I know), and put aside any fears of what some random judgmental person might think, and at the same time keep it honest and true enough not to be embarrassed about it if someone you know IRL finds it online. ;D
    Personally I try to keep my About’s quite short, and relevant to what I plan to blog about, or at least in tune with the blog’s general atmosphere/mood.

    It’s mostly down to what you’re comfortable with, and what you’re trying to create, I guess!

    (Where did you get that gorgeous cup? It’s so cool! ;o)

  3. …und deshalb habe ich keine about-Seite, sondern nur eine Aufzählung von ein paar wichtigen, mich beschreibenden Nomen! Und einer Liebesbekundung an die französische Hauptstadt! ;)

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