Good-Bye 2013, hey there 2014


So here’s to a new year!

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s eve – we watched the fireworks and listened to the church bells standing on a small wall underneath the castle, high above the town. The picture above’s Scoundrel, by the way, running a sinawali with sparklers. I tried to make a sparkler-written “2014”, but it didn’t work out so well.

New year means new resolutions. Here is my resolutions post from last year. I think I wore more dresses and tartan, but sadly I didn’t make skeleton leggings or a sailor collar, and the tabi shoes I ordered wouldn’t fit. Well, bygones.

On to greener pastures! My new year’s resolutions for 2014 look somewhat like this:

  • Give this blog a make-over. The only thing that hinders me from doing that today is the disturbing lack of a portrait for the “About” page and a new header.
  • Finish one big project a month. I don’t have to start it in the same month, but I want to finish one, nevertheless. There are enough UFOs lying around waiting to be finished, anyway.
  • Go outside more. Like in “one hour per day”. I don’t get enough daylight and fresh air, especially in winter.
  • Read more. I’ve become incredibly lazy when it comes to reading during the last years. Maybe one book per month would be a good goal. When I think about how I used to finish several books a week when I was 13, 14, this is a real blow to my once-bibliophile self-esteem.
  • Do sports outside my regular training at least twice a month. I’ve got a muscle training room ticket, a track nearby and it’s ice-skating season.
  • Keep my place tidy. My clutter tends to diffuse through the free space somehow.

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? I know that a lot of people don’t make any as they acknowledge they won’t keep them anyways, but I like this tradition. I love how everything is new and neat at the beginning of a new year. I’m even starting a new note-book.

Off to new adventures now. Have a good start!


4 thoughts on “Good-Bye 2013, hey there 2014

  1. I need to work on more projects, I have definitely let me sewing lapse, planning a crafternoon with friends.

    Don’t feel so bad about not finishing as many books, when we are about 13 or 14 we generally have more spare time and read shorter books. I think you said you were at university? That is a real time killer, I never get half as much read during term time! Still, reading more is an admirable goal! :) I have actually made a few this year, about writing and having more Victorian outfits and seeing more friends! I hope it will be a great year!

    1. My first book for 2014 is “Walden”. I think one major point about the “not reading as much” thing is that I shifted my interests so much to stuff that needs more thought instead of just being entertaining. Oh, and back then I had no internet. ^^
      I think your goals are great, and I’m really looking forward to your victorianesque everyday wardrobe!

  2. Richtige Neujahrsvorsätze mache ich mir eigentlich nie, denn sie sehen in der Regel genauso aus, wie die Vorsätze, die ich mir sonst auch mache – erstaunlicherweise ähneln diese zum Teil auch deinen: mehr Nähen und Stricken, mehr Lesen (immerhin halbwegs erfolgreich) oder mehr Sport zu treiben und ordentlicher zu werden (in den gefühlt letzten zehn Jahren kein bisschen besser geworden^^). Und mehr an die frische Luft zu gehen klingt auch nach einer sehr guten Idee.
    Insofern: ein gutes neues Jahr und viel Erfolg bei deinen Vorsätzen.;)

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