Lolita Challenge: No Week 17, really, but 18 & 19

Week 17: My first meetup

This one is easy. It has yet to happen. Because I happen to be so terribly shy (no-one who meets me ever believes me when I say that) and am not active in any community boards, there has been no meetup for me yet. It’s on the 101 tasks list, though.

Just leaving with that would be a bit boring for a post, so I decided to do the next two, too.

Week 18 and 19 belong together, so I decided to put them into one post.

Week 18: Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love

Hm. I guess there’s something about sweet that I didn’t thought I’d like, but now I love all those pastels and sweet motives. Back when I first heard about Lolita I saw sweet and though “nah, definitely not”. But during the last years I found myself looking at pastel printed dresses again and again and putting co-ords together in my mind before I could even realise that I actually didn’t like this. I finally came to terms with it: I like sugary stuff. Not over the top, maybe, but I adore the pâtisserie and circus themes and the soft pastels, the mint, muted pink, the yellow. Think old-fashioned sweets shop. Travelling circus. Ballet costumes. And my favourite brand of the “big ones” turned out to be BtSsb (and their sub-label AatP). Let’s face it, I’m pretty girly after all. ^^

Week 19: Trends I thought I loved, but now I’m not too keen on

Brace yourselves, possibly offending opinions about sub-styles ahead.

I think this might not exactly an answer to the question, but there’s just something about Punk Lolita that bugs me. I should totally be into Punk Lolita. But it all looks the same! It just doesn’t feel als inspired as other sub-styles. It’s always tartan, most of the time red or blue, with a fake kilt clasp, “showing underskirts” in black (torn or tiered), some bondage details and a black top, most of the time a T-shirt. Honestly, I think that’s boring. Not outside-the-box. Not very punk at all. I’ll come back to that when I finally do Week 12, I hope.

Mini Hats. Back in the day I thought I’d be all over them as soon as I had an outfit to match them too. Wrong. I just found them costumey (so they might be okay for masquerades, but not for “actual” everyday or meet-up Lolita) . I loved making them, though.

Also, Pirate Lolita. It’s a very similar problem to Punk Lolita, it all looks kind of similar, and I don’t really see the point. I love Pirates, don’t get me wrong, but I’m more into the rugged North Sea type than the decadent Caribbean sort. While I see Sailor Lolita and maybe a more punked-up Sailor Lolita (which could count as a pirate, I think) as a completely justified style, Pirate Lolita just seems like another costume to me like Guro or Maid. I know that it mainly gets worn to meet-ups, but I think if you don’t want people to think that Lolita is a costume, maybe you should ditch the fake flintlock pistols.


Any thoughts?

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