Lolita Challenge: Week 20: Wardrobe Satisfaction


How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe

Not that much, actually. Initially I even wanted to complain about my actual wardrobe (as in “piece of furniture”), but then I finished my first bigger project this year and fixed my storage problem, so none of that.

At first, a few words about my non-Lolita wardrobe. While I get surprisingly many compliments on my style, I don’t think it’s very consistent, which bugs the character design junkie in me. I have a few favourite pieces that are constantly in use, except when they’re in the machine, and sometimes I think about just throwing everything except these few favourites out. Oh, and I definitely need more pants that are neither torn nor have paint spots on them. Seriously.

On to the Lolita part now: I think what my Lolita wardrobe needs most are basics. A black jumperskirt. Several solid-coloured skirts. A pair of light-coloured shoes. A hoodie or cardigan of sorts. A lot more T-shirts and cutsews. More bags. More casual I’m comfortable with wearing to uni. Oh, and more sailor collars, because they go with nearly everything.

My next few plans include to make an assortment of accessoires to go with my Sweet Biscuit JSK – I love biscuit-shaped bags and jewelery and I haven’t been working with polymer clay in ages. I think my outfits need to be brought together more. I’ve been incredibly lazy with accessoires and headwear lately.
I still have some projects in my UFO box, too, like my striped skirt that finally needs a print, or an unfinished petticoat.

Maybe this should be one of my bigger projects for 2014, a character design overhaul for myself.  The first draft of this post even had a list of things that described what I want in looks and message. Don’t worry, you’ll see this list soon enough, but it needs to be a bit more in order. And it might need a manifesto of sorts, too.

I’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “Lolita Challenge: Week 20: Wardrobe Satisfaction

  1. I know what you mean about being discontented with your wardrobe, sometimes I feel I will not be satisfied with mine until it is filled with Victorian, Regency and Edwardian gowns, and another cupboard full as well, as my cupboard is tiny! I think for some of us, if not most of us, expressing ourselves through what we wear is very important, it is one of the first things anyone notices, after all. I understand you wanting more casual Lolita things that you can feel more comfortable wearing to uni, it is a good idea.

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