Lolita Challenge: Week 21: Plan for a trip

Plan for a trip! A week’s worth of Lolita outfits I can fit in a small suitcase.

I haven’t played around with Polyvore for quite some time, but assembling theses outfits was actually quite fun.

I decided to stick with a colour scheme that allowed me to explore several styles. Some of the outfits might be a little bit oldschool. What can I say, I like the look. The outfits are meant to be for a city trip in mid Europe, say, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Leipzig, the like, where the weather at the moment isn’t too nice, and it might rain.

The “suitcase” contains, sans underthings, pajamas, all those small necessities, a collapsible umbrella and a black coat that matches everything:

  • 4-9 pairs of tights
  • one JSK
  • one skirt
  • one blouse
  • one long cutsew
  • one pullover
  • one short cutsew
  • one pair of boots
  • one pair of flats
  • two hats and one beret
  • a tote bag
  • a pouch
  • up to 12 pieces of jewelery

If you know your suitcase tetris, this isn’t too much. Tights go into the flats to prevent them from deforming (and into bra cups for the same reason if necessary), cutsews can be rolled and stuffed into corners, the beret and the tote bag are flat, and the pouch can be used to store the jewelery. The biggest problem are JSK and blouse, but there should be enough room left. On to the outfits! A click on the Link below the picture takes you to Polyvore and a list of the items.

While Travelling
Travelling. I imagine this to be a journey by train, but to wear the heaviest pair of shoes around would be clever on a plane, too. The only way of travelling I would wear others would be by car, and I’d get rid of them after the first hour anyway. I chose the pullover for this, it’s rather comfy for curling up on a seat. It goes over the skirt, so the straps wouldn’t be visible, and the stockings/tights take up the stripes theme from the top again. Note how all of the colours except the black nd grey are in the suitcase as well. I love that. The bowler hat can be stored with the luggage on the train. When you wear it instead of packing it, it won’t be crushed. Easy.

Rosy School Girl
Maybe you’re meeting some friends wherever you go, or you need something light to explore your surroundings, but without looking like your everyday tourist. This time the straps of the skirt go over the cutsew, but under the sailor collar. The headband and earrings have the same theme as the flats. I didn’t include any heels in these outfits, as I pretty much assume that I’m the one travelling. When I’m somewhere I do a lot of running around and standing, like in visiting museums, city walks or shopping, and I wouldn’t really like to do that in heels. Also, they make more noise than flats. I’m always pretty annoyed of the clacking of heels when I’m in silent spaces like museums, so I wouldn’t like to make them myself.
Victorian Gothic Sailor Lolita
Well, obviously there’s the sea or a decent river nearby. I love sailor themes, and this one has a Victorian twist, with high boots and striped stockings. I love the anchor cameo. I’d love to wear this outfit during tea or coffee or cake with friends in a cute little café with a river or harbour view.
Comfy Autumn Fox Lolita
We’re back to comfy. Maybe you’re invited to lunch, or you’re planning to see a movie, or a smaller daylight theatre production, or you go shopping or you go and visit another museum. This outfit is a little bit more meant for public than the second one, but it still has the flats and a rosy undertone. I’m not sure if the sweater goes over or under the JSK, but I’m sure the bows in front would have to be detached.
Gothic Parisienne Lolita
This one is the outfit for the big event of the journey. It’s probably a tea party, or a night at the opera. The grey and black colour scheme is broken with several shades of amethyst in the jewelery. I also included BtSsb’s seal ring, because I’d love to see more than one ring with this outfit. I guess I’d take a few ribbons with me to tie around my head as soon as the beret is off (I just can’t wear hats inside buildings, really).
La Petite Parisienne Lolita
More city walks, post card writing and souvenir shopping, and maybe dinner in a fancy vintage restaurant. Isn’t the silhouette necklace pretty? It’s supposed to be Anna from Frozen. The thing with the skirt is that you can tuck the straps in, making it a normal skirt to wear with the blouse in this case. I love this idea, straps or no straps makes such a difference!
Lolita-Inspired Comfy Afternoon Outfit
This outfit isn’t really Lolita, it’s more “based on”, and it has a little bit of Mori, too. Also, it’s for that one day of your trip when you’ve already seen so much and don’t want to go anywhere, so you curl up on the bed or the sofa and read or watch the 90s movies that they’re showing on TV, preferably in a language you don’t understand so well. I love this cutsew from AP, it just looks so comfy. I think this could also be another travelling outfit, but I’d change the flats for the boots then.
I hope you liked the outfits I put together for this imaginary trip. I probably forgot something, and I focused on comfort a lot, but travelling is stressful enough altogether, and sometimes wearing Lolita is, too, so I thought I’d make this as nice as possible. Without any hurting feet or too many accessoires to get lost.
Have a great start into next week!

2 thoughts on “Lolita Challenge: Week 21: Plan for a trip

  1. These are great outfits, I love all the pieces and colours, this is definitely the kind of Lolita outfit I like more, sort of elegant and quirky looking. I love that Lolitas always dress up though, I always think dressing up nicely or seeing someone nicely dressed makes a big difference to my day, but maybe it’s not the same for everyone else.

    I especially like the last three outfits. I would like to wear something similar to any of them in Winter, although in summer I prefer longer cottony dresses. Maybe I will make a skirt like that maroon one later in the year.

    I bought quite a few Lolita things last year and not all of them suited me, but I think this has given me some inspiration again. I would love to see more of these if you make any in future!

    1. It’s nice to hear you like them! I think there will be more in future again. My favourite outfit of those above is the Sailor one, by the way.
      I coudn’t possibly dress up every day, I’m far to afraid of getting paint or other stains on my dresses, and the stress-gain ratio would be off, I think. I’m thinking about a collection of pretty homewear, though, so I won’t feel bad spending a lazy day in sweatpants anymore. ^^

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