30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 18 & 19


18- Are you inspired by any foreign cultures other than Japanese? What about them inspires you?

I tried writing a text, but in the end a (surely not perfect) list felt more like it.

  • British and Irish fairy and spirit folk lore
  • Scottish fairy tale: Catherine Crackernuts
  • selkies
  • rugged coastlines of Ireland, Wales and norther France
  • the book of Kells
  • Celtic and Scandinavic knotwork ornaments
  • Pavees/tinkers
  • thick island knits
  • traditional Sami clothing, especially the boots
  • Yantra tattoos
  • French urban culture
  • Scandinavian trolls
  • Tibetan culture and folk lore
  • colours in Indian pantheon paintings
  • Buddhist iconography and robe colours
  • Russian fairy tales and architecture
  • Silesian embroidery
  • Mongolian culture and traditional clothing
  • rural French interior design
  • Yule goats
  • Loa and voodoo in general
  • overall Iron Age and Medieval Europe
  • Cossack clothing
  • New Orleans’ creole history and culture
  • northern native American tradtional clothing
  • tā moko

19- Are you inspired by your own culture? If so, how do you encorporate it?

  • Hessian whitework
  • the Brothers Grimm
  • North German traditional clothing
  • cheese cake (the real deal, with quark)
  • the wild hunt/Rauhnächte

I probably forgot something. As always. Back when I started uni I had one specific outfit I’d refer to as the “little red riding hood” outfit, but other than that my style has been surprisingly Grimm-free so far… I’d like to change that. I started making a collection of fairy tale-themed silhouette print shirts some years ago, maybe I should start with a remake of those.


2 thoughts on “30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 18 & 19

  1. I love European fairytales, I read so many as a child! I can’t remember the exact stories of all of them anymore. I remember Catherine Crackernuts! I also had a lot of books of fairytales that were by modern authors which were also great. The 80s were great for quirky story collections, I wish I still had more of them!

    Fairytale silhouette prints sound wonderful! I’d love to see those incorporated into outfits! I think you did a swap with that other girl in one of your previous posts, and the things you made were really lovely!

    1. Catherine Crackernuts seems to be a rather unknown fairytale, great that you know it! The 80s are responsible for Labyrinth, which is a great modern fairytale, and The Dark Crystal, but that are the only stories that I can actually think of. Have you got any recommendations?

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