10 Things I ♥ in January


  1. My new Planner and Notebook. I used to have paperblanks planners, but this year would have been a repeat in means of design or something sparkly, and as much as I love glitter it’s not supposed to be on my planner. The one I have now is by teNeues and a recycled product, not quite as refined as paperblanks, but at least my conscience is a bit eased. The notebook’s from IKEA and has a cute freaking-out rabbit with a newspaper on the back. It’s already been put to good use, and I will have to fix it sooner or later, but I like that patched look.
  2. Pitch Perfect. When the film first came out and I saw the posters I didn’t think I’d ever watch it. Then someone from my band recommended it to me, I watched it together with Jules and we just couldn’t get over how great this movie (and how squee-worthy the male lead) is. Sure, it has its really, really weird moments, but in general, it’s musically awesome and some scenes are pretty hilarious. It also has Brittany Snow as a nice person, wow.
  3. The European Outdoor Film Tour 13/14.  Here’s the English trailer. My father sent me the link when the “best of” was still online. My favourites are the guys surfing north of the Arctic Circle for nine months while keeping the beach clean. Nothing beats the look on the face of someone who feels the sun on their skin for the first time in months.
  4. These Colour Analysis Posts. I always liked this colour type thing, but I think I didn’t dive in too deep as I had never heard about these sub-categories. The main reason I put this link here? These pretty palettes. I’m a deep autumn, by the way. What are you?
  5. Higher Living’s Very Berry infusion is currently my favourite “tea”. I love fruit infusions, but most of the time they are too sharp, too in-your-face fruity and a bit too sour. Very Berry (although I find the name slightly irritating) is quite mild, and also their package design is so pretty the boxes practically count as decoration. Also, they don’t put liquorice in everything like a lot of other organic tea companies (they still have some products with liquorice, but one can actually avoid them).
  6. Headphones. New headphones. New headphones that even the most elitist audiophiles among my friends approved of. And they’re made of wood! I love them. Worth every cent. They’re the Stir it Up from the  House of Marley Freedom Collection, if you wonder. My favourite song on them so far? The Max Raabe cover of Shaggy’s Angel.
  7. Waking up when it’s still dark outside. I know, a lot of people hate this, especially when they go out of the house in the dark and return home in the dark, too, but I somehow like it. We still haven’t had any snow, though, so I wouldn’t mind if spring came ’round eventually instead of this weird inbetween-seasons-looks-like-autumn thing we’re having.
  8. Minecraft. With the new computer I can finally play at home, not only at Scoundrel’s (my old notebook just wouldn’t do). I started a whole new world a few days ago, and I’ll probably smother this blog with screenshots sooner or later. My current projects are a mansion in the Bayou and a lighthouse right next to it, because my houses tend to get lost. Edit: Already managed to lose it due to not sleeping in my bed after I replaced it. Genius.
  9. Boo Knits on Ravelry. I’m horrible at knitting and I wouldn’t even know when to wear a lace shawl, but her patterns are just so pretty! My favourites are Out of Darkness, Sweet Dreams and Promise Me (look at the projects tab to see how different these look with different yarns, it’s just so amazing – for a non-knitter, I guess). Should I ever think of an outfit one of these would go with, I’d probably have to commission one, but anyway, they’re beautiful. Like they were made for a ghost girl to wear on the veranda of a once-great estate near a river, non-existent feet dangling in the water without moving it.
  10. I just searched for it, but it seems like I’ve never mentioned Unsounded before. Unsounded is a great webcomic online graphic novel written and drawn by Ashley Cope, following the adventures of Sette, daughter of the Lord of Thieves, and her unwilling, undead bodyguard. It’s set in a greatly detailed fantasy world and it’s not always light reading, but the drawing style and story are worth the occasional blood-covered innards. And when the girl who always covers her eyes during at least 70% of each Supernatural episode says this, that really means something.

Edit: Ohmygod, 11., I just noticed that Miss Caro-chan of F Yeah Lolita has my blog in her blogroll. I literally sat here with my mouth open, slightly hyperventilating. I’m so incredibly flattered! *-*


2 thoughts on “10 Things I ♥ in January

  1. I knew I was an autumn, but based on the charts, I’m a deep autumn as well. :)

    And I, too, love waking up in the early, chilly, dark morning.

    I love your 10 loves posts every month, by the by. They’re so nice.

    Congrats on being on her blogroll. ^___^


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