Lolita Challenge: Week 22: How I accessorise

How I accessorize

Generally, I like my accessories slightly vintage and a bit whimsical. I’m all for little charms and lockets, subtle fandom hints and Victorian inspiration. The pictures only show parts of my treasure chest, and I’ll probably make a post with my more Mori kei suited things soon, too.


I like pins and badges, they make outfits so much more personal. Recently I noticed that brooches seem to have fallen out of style, but gladly I’m well prepared with a stock of brooch pins and a small button machine.
(Center: I am; Circle, clockwise, from the top: Coppelius merch, vintage, cute little shop in Mannheim, Clockworker merch, selfmade, selfmade, Coppelius merch)


As for necklaces, I often replace the thin chains with satin or velvet ribbons. I like my necklaces shorter, usually not hanging lower than one hand-width below my collar-bone. Also, the ribbons add more vintage charm.
(From left to right: Accessorize?,, I am, Accessorize, selfmade)

I close to never wear any rings. The two I’ve got and actually wear aren’t really “Lolita”, so I only add them to gothic or Dolly Kei inspired coordinates.

In hair pieces my current favourites are a studded headband  and a gem of a doily I use as a headdress – I’ll show you some pictures another time (Pictures would have to include me, but I’m sick today, and that’s not the prettiest sight to see). I also have quite the collection of ribbons and laces to tie around my head.
Lots of my hair clips became useless after I got my dreads, but I can still use my flower pins. Stores often carry them in dusty rose colours and shades of crème, colours which often feature in my outfits, and I love roses, so they are a bit of a staple accessoire with me, too.


The most important thing to know about me and earrings is that I never wear two of the same design at the same time. I just don’t like it. Gladly this seems to have become some sort of trend as I find more and more sets of mismatched wimsical motif studs in the stores. I usually combine them with plain small hoops or bigger hanging ones in the right metal colour.
(Fish, typewriter key, crystal with frame: selfmade; sphere, acorn, white rose, picture frame, Union Jack heart, hot air balloon, post box, crystal stud: Accessorize; club: Bijou Brigitte, “J’aime le chocolat”, teapot: Claire’s; bee: H&M)

When it comes to bags I admit that I only use two: A vintage leather camera bag and this one made by Carou that I also use for grocery shopping and uni. I’ve got a few more, but they’re actual hand bags, and I prefer ones with a shoulder or cross-body strap. I’ve got to stock up on those!

Overall, I’d say that I don’t accessorise that much. I usually don’t wear more than two necklaces at a time, and the only bracelet  wear regularly is my fork bracelet. Especially with busier Lolita prints I feel like the accessories don’t really show, so I can as well keep it down. Also, the more accessories the more things to fall out of place or to loose I’ve got to look after and worry for.

As I mentioned before, my next accessoire plans include biscuits and bags, and probably more brooches.
I’ll keep you posted. ♥


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