10 Favourite Steampunk Craft Tutorials

Hey, my second Steampunk post in one month!
Steampunk isn’t something you can just buy. Sure, you can buy basics, and even intricate gadgets and accessoires, and together they might make an outfit. But those things lack the soul that should inhibit items tied to this very special subculture. Also, making ones own things is fun and there’s nothing like when people compliment you on something, only for you to say “Why, thanks!, I made that myself”.

Here are 10 of my favourite Steampunk-related tutorials and how-tos:

  1. Cowboy Hat to Top Hat tutorial from All Things Crafty. This is a great hat tutorial, especially when you want something to wear on the street without wearing a full-blown top hat, of if your Steampunk character is from the streets rather than from high society.
  2. How to make Goggles from Jar Lids by FenrisDesigns on dA. They might be a bit cartoonish and over the top for a purist, but gladly I am none.
  3. Hexnut Bracelet for the everyday Steampunk on Honestly WTF. Also, spare hexnuts, should you ever need some.
  4. Madeleine Mini Bloomers by The Colette Patterns Studio. Wearable under all those beautiful skirts, or on their own with a pair of fancy thights for a unruly but very comfy young lady or layered and ripped stockings for a tomboyish urban adventurer.
  5. Inventor’s Bell Jar Lamp how-to from Mad in Crafts. Something for the Steampunk home! I think this would look great together with a couple of moss terraria in different sizes.
  6. Steampunk Ear Cuff tutorial, by Bodaszilvia on dA, putting the “punk” back in Steampunk. The other tutorials fom this dA member are pretty great, too.
  7. How to make a Steampunk Flash Drive by ZoDo on Instructables. Instructables has more than one awesome tutorial for this, just look here.
  8. Instructions for Recovering a Parasol on Steam Ingenious. Parasols are a great accessoire, I even use them in everyday life from time to time. I think I might still need a collapsible one, though.
  9. Steampunk Headset by garagemonkeysan on Instructables. This looks like a lot of work, but the outcome is amazing.
  10. Suspenders! Another everyday favourite of mine. This tutorial by Dorian Crafts shows how to make high-quality ones from leather and broadcloth.

How’s your Steampunk month going? The official link list doesn’t seem to bother with fameless names, but will that stop us? Hell no!


One thought on “10 Favourite Steampunk Craft Tutorials

  1. Ein Mutternarmband und die Minibloomers habe ich auch schon einmal gemacht und sehr gemocht. Das Tutorial für Steampunk-Goggles sieht ebenfalls nachahmenswert aus. ;)

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