10 Things I ♥ in February


  1. Jen Parrish’s Blog, where she shares tales from her studio (where she makes these gems) and her life. I love her style, be it in jewelery or home decoration. You can find the blog here.
  2. Holidays. Already?! Wow, that was fast. As of Valentine’s day the “active” part of the winter semester’s already over. Of course I’ve got essays to write and prints to be made in the workshop and there’s not only a four-days field trip, but also an excavation campaign and a few papers for uni, so I won’t run out of things to do, but it’s nice to know that actually I’m free to do whatever I want.
  3. Lindy Hop. I met up with a friend recently to learn some basics for our visits at our local electroswing party. Here’s the adorable video tutorial we used (we’re trying lifts next time).
  4. Mori Friends. Finally, there’s an anglophone community for Mori kei! I already signed up, you’ll find me as Hedgefairy (surprise) there. I can’t wait to see blog and forum grow! Come and join me there!
  5. Sleepy Hollow, as in “the series”. I’m usually not one for horror, but it’s quite neatly made (including costume drama flashbacks) and I love the two main characters so far (no spoilers, though, I just started).
  6. JanoschDesigns on Dawanda. Perfect Mori baubles.
  7. Craft: Choose your Characters Consciously, a blog post by Serena Lawless, about the lack of balance in character genders. This is a matter I’ve been thinking about a lot during the past two or three years.
  8. Rat Art by nEVEr-mor on deviantArt. Her bigger sculpts are amazing, and her dime rats are awfully cute.
  9. Trine, a wonderful and very creative jump’n’run adventure by Frozenbyte. I’m really not good at playing those, but it sure is fun. I’m looking forward to part two once I’m done dying my way through part one!
  10. Ice Skating Dates. Well, not actual dates, but going ice skating with friends (I finally found someone to go skating with!). It’s still one of my favourite sports after all, and I’m pretty determined to get better this year. Good thing the rink is only closed between Eastertide and September, and for the time in between there are inline skates.

Any thoughts?

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