30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 22 & 23

22 – what trends do you see taking the mori girl community by storm soon?

The 20s! Dropped waistlines, intricate glass bead embroidery, big, lacy headpieces that are somewhere between a retrofuturistic helmet and a medieval maiden’s hair net. Also, lots and lots of Art Nouveau references in print, jewelery and the flowing lines of the silhouette.
The years between the two World Wars were also great on hiking, camping, and being overall outdoorsy. Imagine undyed cotton-white retro tents, hiking boots with brass hooks, botanist’s container and fish basket bags, big straw hats with leather ties, thick woolen sweaters with patched elbows over layered summer dresses and striped stockings.
I’d also love to see more social networking, it’s so hard to find a community at all. Mori Friends is a great start, though.
Back to fashion, maybe glass pendant necklaces could be a big thing? I remember having glass animals as souvenirs when I was little, and I adore marbles. In tiny nets or crocheted in, that would be nice.
Also, stripes. Stripes are always great. Or more patterns in general: dainty little flowers, toned-down tartan, animal motives, patterns that bring the pictures of lean silver birches to mind, a dress full of intricately drawn oak leaves.
I like the Dark Mori trend that has emerged lately, but maybe there’s something between black and off-white? I’d like to see more colours, and maybe I’m not the only one. Jewel tones such as citrine yellow, amber and amethyst, the colours of spices and herbs, lavender, moss green, light, dusty rose and salmon pink would be my colours of choice.

23 – is your hair long or short? what’s your favorite hairstyle?

My hair is long. And dreaded. Before the locks it went down past my elbow, and it’s not that much shorter now. If I had curls I’d wear it shorter (and without dreads, probably), but with my stick-straight hair, short only looked good when it was really, really short when I last tried.
As for hairstyles I don’t really have a favourite. Most of the time I wear my hair in a bun, which is pretty easy with dreads, and sometimes I just knot them together, a few at a time, until it looks like a decent updo. I love to wear them open, too, with the front dreads pinned back, but most of the time they get in the way, so bun it is.


2 thoughts on “30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 22 & 23

  1. Art Nouveau! Yesss! Anything Art Nouveau is ok with me! I would be happy to see it take off in any style!

    I like dreads, I have seen pictures of some pretty awesome dread updos, like giant Beehive hairdos but made of dreads.

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