Calming Down


The last exam for this semester is over and now I have nine weeks at my hands to do as I please (as long as I still do some things for uni, of course). I’m finally calming down from my caffeine high and anxiety low, settling for a way healthier level in-between

. It’s a bit funny, I feel like I have to actually learn how to really do nothing again, without having my mind running wild because I think I just forgot something on that to-do list I don’t have.

I’m also introducing my workplace in this post. This is where I write and draw and craft and also store dishes to dry before I put them back into the cupboard after washing them. It’s usually much more cluttered, but it feels great having it all clear for once. I hope I can keep it up.

Less down-toned holidays posts are coming, don’t worry. ♥


3 thoughts on “Calming Down

  1. Dein Arbeitsplatz sieht toll aus, einerseits hübsch, aber andererseits auch nicht so überladen, dass alle drei Zentimeter eine hinterhältige Ablenkung lauert.

    Und viel Erfolg beim Entspannen. ;)

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