New Perspective


What sounds like a major life change just means that I finally got myself a new camera. With Jules moving into his new place (more about that in another post) and hopefully returning to blogging he needed his Canon back that I was allowed to use lately, and I also wanted a camera of my own again.

Last summer my camera started to produce very stripey pictures only, and though I love stripes this wasn’t any good anymore. As my camera was already four or five years old, and on the quality and technique status of 2009 or so I was okay (but a bit sad) to let it go on to less stripey pastures and decided to get a new one.

I first thought about getting something alike to Jules’ DSLR. I’m not very fond of taking pictures with screen only, I’m better with actual viewfinders. My other thought was to upgrade to a smartphone eventually as my mobile has had a few hiccups lately, too, but it still runs, so I’ll keep it for a while, still.
The problem with DSLRs is not only that they’re quite expensive but also that they take a lot of space. I’m someone who usually drags their camera literally everywhere, back in the day I even had it more often with me than my mobile phone.

I resolved that I needed something small, and with a good resolution, a few extra programs, and not too expensive, as it was likely to scratch and be sweated on and needed to fit into my belt pouch during LARP battles and inline skating adventures. This means I had to cut back on the viewfinder and all the nice things one can do with a DSLR once they figure out how – some day I won’t spend all my money on LARP and crafting supplies, maybe, and invest in a decent camera, maybe. Today is not that day.


Say hello to my new Canon IXUS 132 in pink! She has a great pocket format and so far I’m pretty pleased with her work (but I’m a sucker for silly picture programs, and she’s really a darling in that regard). She’ll be in action a lot during next week’s field trip (one of the reasons why I wanted to get her as soon as possible) so I’ll hopefully bring back some pictures.


Any thoughts?

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