Her Name is Suki


I love these buttons. They remind me of Sailor Moon in her later incarnations.

I never had a camera with a name before, or any gadget. Something just told me that this small, pink box’s name was Suki, so Suki it is. I have no idea if I still have the case from my old camera, and where it could be if I still had it. It wasn’t so pretty anyways, so I made a prettier one.

The leather was part of a bunch of factory leftovers I had, the lining is from an old pillowcase I recently bought at a charity shop (I love getting material there, either white to be dyed later or retro patterned), and the embroidery thread is from my never-ending stash. I love it when I already have everything for a project that wasn’t even planned.

The lining has one layer of cotton padding underneath and I decided to quilt through the flap part to make that pattern shine a little more.

The bag even has a loop in the bag to be worn at the belt.
This project reminded me painfully of how exhausting sewing leather by hand is, especially the thicker sorts. Anyway, it was worth it. Now I don’t have to worry about scratching Suki during my field trip next week, and hopefully also not during the rest of the time I use her.


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