After working all night trough I went out of the house today to get some breakfast and fresh air, just in time. I had marveled at the clear sky with its bright stars the night before, and now went to take in this ever so different beauty of the dawn.

I raced the sun to the hilltops, the top of my town that was still mostly asleep, head to head with the bright sphere when I danced up the stairs. Sun won, as I was far too busy admiring him rise.

I went back home tenderly caressed by the first rays of the day, just as the old city walls, with the heralds of spring, blackbirds and sparrows and turtle doves, as my tune.


4 thoughts on “Sun-Kissed

    1. Thanks a lot! Actually, the spot where the street picture was taken isn’t so far from where a mentor of the brothers Grimm lived and partially inspired them to start collecting fairy tales. I’m so lucky to live and study here.

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